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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

The Tripoliada Land

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The Tripoliada Land

Dedicated to T. S. Passek’s 100th Anniversary



T. D. Belanovskaya (St.-Petersburg)Tatiana Sergeyevna Passek of blessed memory (August 15, 1903 – August 4, 1968) Free!11V. I. Balabina (Moscow, Russia)About the Beuatiful Lady, her knights and bards Free!14V. A. Dergachev (Kishinev, Moldova)«...and laid them within a golden urn in a foreign country...» (on T.S. Passek’s Centennial) Free!32


N. M. Shmagliy, M. Yu. Videyko (Kiev, Ukraine)Maydanetskoe – proto-city of the Tripolye culture44


N. B. Burdo (Kiev, Ukraine)Peculiarities of the Precucuteni–Tripolye A ceramic complex and the problem of the origin of the Tripolye culture141S. Marinescu-Bîlcu (Bucharest, Romania)New evidence of the influence of Precucuteni traditions in the development of the Cucuteni culture164E. V. Tsvek (Kiev, Ukraine)The eastern Tripolye culture and contacts of its population with the Eneolithic tribes of the Dnestr region170V. A. Kruts (Kiev, Ukraine)Stock-breeding in the economy of the Tripolye culture179S. N. Ryzhov (Kiev, Ukraine)Late Tripolye sites of the Bug and Dnepr interfluves187T. M. Tkachuk (Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine)The end of the stage CI and the beginning of the stage CII of the Tripolye culture in the Upper Dnestr region (according to material of the Bilshivtsi settlement)196E. V. Tsvek, Yu. Ya. Rassamakin (Kiev, Ukraine)Miropolye, an Eastern-Tripolye settlement, and relative chronology of Sredniy Stog 2-type sites218M. Szmyt (Poznań, Poland)From studies on contacts of Globular Amphora and Late Tripolye cultures246E. V. Ovchinnikov (Kiev, Ukraine)The production-economic complex of the Thripolye settlement near the farm-stead of Nezamozhnik260N. A. Shevchenko (Kiev, Ukraine)The study of the composition of building material and pottery from the potter’s kiln of the Tripolye settlement at the village of Nezamozhnik by mineral-petrographical method275


L. Nikolova (Salt Lake City, USA – Karlovo, Bulgaria)Approach to the archaeology of social change (A case study from Balkan later prehistory)280N. N. Skakun (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)New data about Eneolithic agricultural tools in South-Eastern Europe295S. V. Ivanova (Odessa, Ukraine)The binary oppositions in the mortuary rite of the Pit-grave culture308S. J. Pustovalov (Kiev, Ukraine)The dynamics of climatic changes in Middle Holocene and some problems of social and economic reconstructions of the Catacomb society in the Northern Black Sea area317


V. A. Dergachev (Kishinev, Moldova)The cultural function of the scepters and the model of their possible archaeologization (Based on the Homer epos)335V. V. Tsimidanov (Donetsk, Ukraine)Burials with stone sculptures in the Pit-grave culture of the North-Western Pontic region370


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Ya. P. Gershkovich (Kiev, Ukraine)Paradoxes in the historiography of the Sabatinovka culture598E. P. Sekerskaya (Odessa, Ukraine)Archaeozoological determinations and their interpretation: current state of the problem608


L. V. Konkova (Moscow, Russia),Ryndina N. V. Earliest metalworking in South-Eastern Europe. Moscow: Editorial URSS, 1998 Free!615


List of abbreviationsList Free!619

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