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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

N. A. Shevchenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

The study of the composition of building material and pottery from the potter’s kiln of the Tripolye settlement at the village of Nezamozhnik by mineral-petrographical method

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Pages: 275-279

Data obtained as a result of laboratory study witness to high level of professional skills of ancient builders. High-quality building materials were used for construction of kiln; various compositions of were applied in dependence on different purposes. Variability of technologies of construction and application, as well as special building designer methods are evidenced. It is very likely that so-called «construction plates» for structures were preliminary burned. The rest of materials were shaped and burned on place.
Conducted study of fragments of pottery testifies careful selection of primary raw materials and high level of its consequent processing. Tripolye potters developed the technique of moderate- and high temperature burning; they were able to curate the chemical-technological processes and were perfect artisans of aesthetic preparation of pottery.

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