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Subscription to Stratum plus

Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology

Stratum plus. Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology offers a range of subscription options:

Large. Printed and online current version of the journal and unlimited access to the electronic archive of previous issues back to 1999
Combined. Printed and online current versions of the journal
Standard. Printed current version of the journal
Online. Online current version of the journal

The annual subscription package includes six volumes. Each new volume shall be sent to the subscriber according to the publishing schedule (see About Journal).

Please download our journal recommendation form and recommend Stratum plus to your library.

Journal recommendation form (Adobe.pdf)


Subscription type Institutional Individual Student Options
COMBINED 269,00 € 128,00 € 106,00 € subscribe
LARGE 502,00 € 235,00 € 235,00 € subscribe
ONLINE 228,00 € 109,00 € 92,00 € subscribe
STANDART 240,00 € 114,00 € 97,00 € subscribe

If you have any questions or comments, please do contact us by e-mailing [email protected]
You may also order your subscription by mailing us [email protected] 


How can I subscribe to Stratum Plus?

You can subscribe on telephone, email your application or use our online service.

On telephone:

Please, contact Sales Department of e-shop Stratum Publishing House:
tel. (+373 022) 92 66 63


Please, send us your order to [email protected].

Please, choose one of the available types of subscription to Stratum plus in Subscription to Stratum plus . Click Subscribe next to the type you have chosen. Your order will be added in your cart. Place your order, making sure you have filled in all required data. Pay your order.

As soon as the periodical comes out (as per its publishing schedule), depending on the type of subscription you have chosen, you will receive its print copy, get access to its online version or have unlimited access to the electronic archive of Stratum plus.

How can I pay my subscription to Stratum Plus?

You may pay your subscription order via credit card, direct bank transfer, cheque or postal order. We can also send you an invoice.

What about online subscription?

In order to subscribe online, you should indicate your valid e-mail address.

Having subscribed (i.e. having placed your subscription order into your cart), you will receive an automatically generated reply message informing you that your subscription has been accepted. As soon as your subscription order has been processed, you will get your access to the online version of the journal ("My profile" - "My subscription"). 

If you chose a type of subscription that includes a print version, you will be receiving every new printed issue and access to its online version according to the publishing schedule (each journal is sent out within 15 days after its publication).

Should you have any questions or problems with the access, please contact us on [email protected], or call (+373 022) 92 66 63.

I subscribed to online version of the journal, but I cannot get my access. What shall I do?

Please, contact us on [email protected], or call (+373 022) 92 66 63. We will ensure your access to the online version.

Can I get e-alerts for Stratum plus?

All Online, Combined or Large subscribers can get e-alerts as new titles become available. To get this opportunity, you should write to us [email protected], or call (+373 022) 92 66 63.

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