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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

N. B. Burdo (Kiev, Ukraine)

Peculiarities of the Precucuteni–Tripolye A ceramic complex and the problem of the origin of the Tripolye culture

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Pages: 141-163

The problem of the genesis of the Precucuteni–Tripolye A culture is investigated on the basis of comparative study of its pottery and different ceramic traditions of the Balkan-Carpathian region. The detailed analysis of morphological and stylistic traits of the Precucuteni–Tripolye A ceramic assemblage in relation to other cultural groups allows to partially reconsider the process of formation of the culture. The initial territory of the Precucuteni–Tripolye A culture was the southwest Transylvania. It is probable that the bearers of the Precucuteni 1 cultural traditions sufficiently quickly penetrated along the Mureş River the southeast Transylvania and further occupied  Moldova which became the place of the final formation of the Precucuteni–Tripolye A culture. It can be supposed that it was the third wave of migration to the east whereas the first two were connected with Criş and LBK cultures. The Precucuteni–Tripolye A culture is distinguished by a multi-component structure which was formed in the course of the settling of its bearers. Although the Precucuteni–Tripolye A ceramic assemblage has its specific traits which are characteristic of precisely this culture one can clearly discern origins of many elements conditioned by western impulses, especially from the Vinča cultural area and related cultural groups. It may be stated that Vinča influence was both direct and indirect, through other close cultural types. Precisely this influence represents the most important genetic impact for the Precucuteni–Tripolye A culture. According to the author’s opinion the role of such cultures as Boian and LBK in the formation of the Precucuteni–Tripolye A culture is beyond any doubts but to some extent exaggerated in previous studies. 

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