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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

E. V. Ovchinnikov (Kiev, Ukraine)

The production-economic complex of the Thripolye settlement near the farm-stead of Nezamozhnik

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Pages: 260-274

Production-economic complex was studied in 2000 at the Tripolye settlement in the vicinity of the village of Nezamozhnik (beginning of the stage CI). It consisted of several objects, disposed along waterside slope in the northeastern outskirts of the settlement. There are two dugouts one of which was overlaid by surface adobe construction and a burning stove. Discovery of new complex presumably related to production of pottery provides unique information about different aspects of life of population of the Eneolithic epoch. Data on various house-building methods allow answering basic questions provoked by sharp discussion on problems of Tripolye house-building practice. There are grounds to suppose existence of new earlier unknown type of burning stoves with underlying pit. Some observations on interesting details of cult rites were made as well. Construction and intensive exploitation of such complex burning structures as stove from Nezamozhnik allows to trace the process of separation of handicrafts into independent branches.

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