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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

T. M. Tkachuk (Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine)

The end of the stage CI and the beginning of the stage CII of the Tripolye culture in the Upper Dnestr region (according to material of the Bilshivtsi settlement)

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Pages: 118-137

In the article there are presented finds from the late Tripolye settlement of Bilshivtsi (Galich district, Ivano-Frankovsk county), which significantly contribute to the resolution of the problem of the colonization of the Upper Dniester region by Tripolye communities. Analysis of this and earlier excavated material allows reconstructing following details of the process in question.  In the beginning of the period Tripolye CII the region under consideration was occupied by Tripolye population with late Shipentsy traditions. It maintained connections with close and remote neighbors, for instance with the bearers of the Bodrogkeresztur culture. In the middle of IV mill. B.C. (cal.) the Shipentsy group was significantly transformed by the influence of the Brânzeni group, and the Koshilovtsy group took its appearance. The bearers of the Koshilovtsy cultural traditions occupied the left bank of the Upper Dniester. Any other late Tripolye groupings in the region are not documented.
At this time the contacts with the late Lublin-Volynian culture were continued and perhaps they even were intensified. It is possible that the reason for that was the pressing of the Funnel Beaker Culture whose material is also evidenced in Koshilovtsy layer of the Bilshivtsi settlement.

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