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Stratum plus Archive

Stratum plus. Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology

ISSN 1608-9057, E-ISSN 1857-3533

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2018 2017
  Nо6Journeys of Things
“Summa technologiarum”: by homilies of Theophilus Presbyter
Between Limes and the Celestial Empire: centers of power and production
Scythia. Time's Arrow
They came together — stone and metal…
Microlithic Boom
2016  2015

Nо6. Pax Mongolica and Eurasian Shocks in the 13th—14th Centuries
. The Invasion. The Extent of the Thirteenth Century Catastrophe
. Heimskringla. Rome and Barbarians
Nо3. The Third BC... the lost Century
Nо2Europe on the Threshold of the Fourth Millennium: Time of Transformation
Nо1. The Link of Times 

Nо6Artefacts of Power
. The Slavs on the Danube. Homeland Found
Time of Change: "On the Turn of Erae"
. Oriental Style: from Assyria to Etruria
. Prehistoric Europe: Interpretation of Cultures
. Time of the First Artists

 2014 - FREE SAMPLE ISSUES! 2013

No6. Wartime. Winners and Vanquished
.People and Things in Ancient Rus'
.Roman Eagles and Sarmatian Dragons
. “War and Peace” on the shores of Pontos Euxeinos
. From Carpathians to Caucasus: Constructions of Culture
.Fragments of Prehistory

No6. Cultural Layers of Faith
. Under the Ruriks' Sign
In Search of Oium. “Peoples’ Paths”
Pontic Diaries
Inhabited Space in European Prehistory
. Homo Armatus and Pleistocene Extinctions

2012 2011

Nо6. “Twelve”: The Magic of the Dozen
Nо5. Another Rus’. Thiudi, Merens and Other Peoples
Nо4. From the Roman Limes to the Great Chinese Wall
Nо3. "Iranians and Greeks"
Nо2. Herdsmen and Navigators of  the Early Metal Age
Nо1. In the Beginning of Beginnings

Nо6. Monuments of  Matter and Spirit
Nо5. Antiquities of  the Antes
Nо4. European Sarmatia and Chersonesos
Nо3. Confines of  Oecumene
Nо2. Phenomenon of  the Balkan Tell
Nо1. Language of  Stone: from the Dniester to Transbaikalia

2010 — FREE! 2005-2009

Nо6. Words and Things
Nо5. Archaeologist’s Craft
Nо4. Romans and Barbarians: from Augustus to Augustulus
Nо3. People and Things in the Iron Age
Nо2. Images of  Remote Ancestors
Nо1. Neanderthals: Alternative Humankind

Nо6. Black Sea Studies
Nо5. Russian Time
Nо4. Field Journal: Roman Time
Nо3. Scythian Interpretations
Nо2. Copper Age Warriors
Nо1. Middle Palaeolithic: In Search for Dynamics

2003-2004 2001-2002

Nо6. Marks of  Time
Nо5. Medieval Masters
Nо4. "Inter Peucinos Fennosque"
Nо3. Scythia, Thrace and Hellenic World
Nо2. Discourse of  Civilizations
Nо1. The Age of  Mammoths

Nо6. Omens of  Civilizations
Nо5. "Antiquities of  the Slavs"
Nо4. On the Outskirts of  the Ancient World
Nо3. Old Scythia
Nо2. The Tripoliada Land
Nо1. In the Beginning Was the Stone

2000 1999 — FREE!

Nо6. The Mark of  the Contemptible Metal
Nо5. The Great Skuf’
Nо4. The Time of  Great Migrations
Nо3. Melpomene archaeological
Nо2. The Birth of  Europe
Nо1. The Time of  the Last Neanderthals

Nо6. Time of  Money
Nо5. Non-Slavic Elements in the Slavic World
Nо4. The Time of  Che: Towards the 100th Anniversary since the Discovery of  Chernyakhov Culture
Nо3. Scythian Rectangle
Nо2. From the Balkans to the Himalayas: Time of  Civilizations
Nо1. Time to Gather Stones Together

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№1-6. 1999, 2010, 2014
№1-6. 1999, 2010, 2014
Stratum plus Journal Archive