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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

V. A. Kruts (Kiev, Ukraine)

Stock-breeding in the economy of the Tripolye culture

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Pages: 179-186

The article discusses the role of stock-breeding in the economy of different development stages of the Tripolye culture. The analysis of available data shows an increase of the role of stock-breeding in the culture from the stages A to CII and gradual decrease of the role of hunting. Occasional rise of wild fauna in some late Tripolye groups is explained not by change in subsistence strategy to pastoral or hunting-pastoral cultural-economic type but by temporary crisis of stock-breeding caused by different reasons. According to carried out calculations the rate of livestock products in the diet of Tripolye population was not very significant, and plant food probably constituted the basis of nutrition. In general Tripolye economy was a balanced system based on plant cultivation and stock-breeding. Other kinds of economic activities included hunting, fishing and foraging which significantly supplemented basic branches of Tripolye husbandry.

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