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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

Ya. P. Gershkovich (Kiev, Ukraine)

Paradoxes in the historiography of the Sabatinovka culture

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Pages: 598-607

The studying of the Sabatinovka culture is accompanied with a long and continuous succession of contradictions. In the 20-s years V.A. Gorodtsov marked an originality of the North Pontic antiquities and allocated here «the Cimmerian culture» distinct from the Srubnaya culture. The metal artifacts of the Late Bronze Age were included in the former. In the 30-40-s years the sites of this period including Sabatinovka settlement were referred also to it. These conclusions were not completely taken into consideration by O.A. Krivtsova-Grakova - she has allocated «the Sabatinovka stage of the Srubnaya culture». There were not bases for such correlations, but her conclusion was accepted. As a matter of fact such an inference have deprived the Sabatinovka culture its own historiography. The negative results of this event are visible so far. They are reflected both in the chronological and historical interpretations of the Sabatinovka culture as a whole as well as concern an estimation of metalworking of the Late Bronze Age in the North Pontic area.

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