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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

M. T. Kashuba (Kishinev, Moldova), Z. S. Shinkarenko (Bender, Moldova)

Two stone axes from the collection of the Bender regional museum

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Pages: 595-597

Two stone hammer-axes are presented in the article. Both of them are stray finds. The first stone hammer-axe was found in the end of the 80-s in the vicinity of the village of Taraclia, Căuşeni district (fig. 1: 1). It can be related to the Catacomb culture of the Early Bronze Age. The second hammer-axe (fig. 1: 2) was found in 60-s in the Chiţcani village. The object can be dated in broad chronological borders from the Middle to Late Bronze Age.

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