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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

N. B. Burdo (Kiev, Ukraine)

New data for absolute dating of the Neolithic and Early Eneolithic on the Ukraine territory

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Pages: 431-446

The article presents and considers new radiocarbon dates made in the Kiev laboratory for the Neolithic Surskaya and Bug-Dniestr cultures as well as Eneolithic Tripolye A and BI cultures. Four dates from two sites of the Surskaya culture place its late phase in the interval between the end of the VII – first quarter of the VI mill. BC. Seventeen samples were analyzed for different phases of the Bug-Dniestr culture. They demonstrated very long duration of the culture for c. 1000 years between the middle of the VII – middle of the VI mill. BC. A half of this period is related to the latest Savran phase whereas duration other phases does not exceed 100-150 years. Fifteen dates from nine settlements were obtained for the Tripolye A culture, which date the beginning of the culture much earlier than existing radiocarbon dating (middle of the VI mill. BC.). The final sites of the culture are dated to the end of the V mill. BC. Radiocarbon dates for the Cucuteni A–Tripolye BI culture in general correspond data obtained earlier and place the culture from the beginning of the 2nd to end of the 3d quarters of the V mill. BC.

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