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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

Yu. A. Shatalin (Maykop, Russia), Rezepkin A. D. (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

The Neolithic cemetery with the grave goods of the Mariupol type in the Kuban region and its place in the cultural context of South-Eastern Europe

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Pages: 447-457

The article is devoted to the publication of the late Neolithic cemetery situated near stanitsa Staronizhesteblievskaya (Krasnoarmeysky district, Krasnodar territory). The site represents a flat burial ground which was accidentally covered by a tumulus of the Early Bronze Age. The cemetery consisted of 5 graves. Four graves were individual and one was collective. All of the deceased were interred in supine position with legs flexed and oriented with their heads to north or south. The grave goods included long flint blades and other tools, plates of boar tusk as well as beads of red deer teeth, bone and shell. The burial rite has parallels among cemeteries of the Novodanilovka type whereas the grave inventory finds parallels in the sites of the Mariupol type. According to these attributes the cemetery in question can be attributed to the late period of the Nizhnedonskaya culture.

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