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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

A. N. Usachuk (Donetsk, Ukraine)

About tenons and shield-shaped cheek-pieces

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Pages: 515-525

The article deals with the use-wear study of 95 shield-shaped and 13 channeled cheek-pieces: the data received on 244 cheek-pieces. In some cases it is impossible to determine the number of tenons on the cheek-pieces though the reconstruction of cheek-pieces position in the bridle gave an opportunity to think of not less then 3 tenons.
In use-wear analysis of the well-known cheek-pieces from Balanbash (fig.1, 1) showed that the first cheek-piece had 4 tenons. The same number had the first cheek-pieces from Kamenka (fig.1, 2).
Some cheek-pieces described in the special literature are considered to have two tenons (Berlik, mount 10, b.1; Sintashta, b.30; Krivoe Ozero, mount 9 b.2). The use-wear analysis proves that there were 4 tenons on those cheek-pieces. Thus having 2 tenons all of the shield-shaped cheek-pieces really have 3 or 4 tenons. It is more difficult to deal with three cheek-pieces that really have 3 tenons (Krivoe Ozero, mount 1 b.3; Stepnoy-VII). The author suggest that there should be reconstructed a binding of these cheek-pieces.
Conclusion: 2 tenons on the shield-shaped cheek-pieces are not functional, there must be not less than 3 of them. This fact must be taken into account when reconstructing the fragments of the cheek-pieces and making any typology of the shield-shaper cheek-pieces.

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