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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

I. V. Bruyako (Odessa, Ukraine), G. N. Toshchev (Zaporozhie, Ukraine)

Material for the archaeological map of the coastal zone of the Dnestr estuary (Bronze Age)

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Pages: 587-591

The article is devoted to the publication of Bronze Age material from coastal zone of the Dnestr estuary. It contains the description, cultural and chronological attribution of finds discovered on the excavation of the antic town of Niconium as well as the presentation of a number of stray finds. The most interesting finds are a stone pestle of the Middle Bronze Age from Niconium as well as two bronze daggers from Nikolaevka and Salgany. The first of them is dated to the period of the late Pit-grave culture whereas the second one belongs to the Sabatinovka culture of the Late Bronze Age.

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