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About payment

«Stratum Publishing House»

Payment methods

You can pay by one of the following methods:

- cash in MDL, at the rate established by the National Bank of Moldova on the date of purchase, if delivered in Kishinev
- Visa and MasterCard (currently isn't accepted) credit cards.
You should fill in details of your credit card online on the site of the respective payment system. Then your payment shall be processed and identified within 2-3 working days.

The payment/order amount via Visa/MasterCard is converted/paid in Moldovan Lei (MDL - national currency of Republic of Moldova) at the commercial exchange rate at the date of transfer.

Exchange rates in international payment systems are a little different of the official exchange rate established by the National Bank of Moldova. Therefore, the amount withdrawn from you card account can be slightly different (i.e. it can be bigger or smaller) of the amount of order, but hardly more than by 0.3%.
- cheque
- postal order
- bank transfer.
Beware that any bank takes a certain charge for a bank transfer. Bank services are payable by the buyer.
You can pay your order in e-shop www.e-anthropology.com via Visa and MasterCard (currently isn't accepted) through a safe connection https://secure.e-centru.com of Ecentru-com S.A. Company (address: Socoleni St., 17/1, MD-2020, Kishinev, Moldova). For security purposes, the company does not keep card numbers.


Restitution of money

Upon your request sent to the email address [email protected], your money can be restituted to you by the same method the payment has been made.
In case of a bank transfer or a postal order, banks and the Post of Moldova charge a fee for money transfer services. Beware that only the money paid for the order and the respective delivery shall be restituted.

Your letter should indicate:

why the money must be restituted
number of your order
full bank details for a legal entity
ID details for an individual
postal address (ZIP code is mandatory) and ID details in case of a postal order

Legal entities shall submit the original letter with company’s logo, seal and signature of director and chief accountant to the following address: MD-2024, Moldova, Kishinev, Zimbrului St., 10А, High Anthropological School University, P.P. Stratum plus, attention of Accountant’s Office.

Remittance of money by E-anthropology.com is done within 5 working days.

Restitution to a bank card when paying your order via Internet

To have your money restituted to your bank card, you should place a request, having indicated your order number thereof. Upon your request, your money shall be restituted to the bank card you have used to pay your order. e-anthropology.com will make a transfer within 5 working days. Money will be transferred to the bank card by the issuing bank within a reasonable term required to the bank, depending on its working hours.


Terms of restitution of money paid:

1. Should you raise a claim with E-anthropology.com for quality of your order, provided that the titles in your order are indeed defective, processing of your claim and restitution of money paid for the order and delivery charges shall be done within 10 days since you have received your order and submitted your application.

2. If you give up on some titles of adequate quality before their receipt, or within 7 days after their receipt, money shall be restituted within 10 days after E-anthropology.com has received your notification on return of the titles. If within 14 days since receipt of the titles you demand that the titles of adequate quality be exchanged for some equal titles and then you decide to give up on the titles because there are no equal titles in stock at the moment of your application, then the money paid for the titles shall be restituted within 3 days upon receipt of your notification thereof in E-anthropology.com.


Security of payments

Online payments are made via ECENTRU-COM system. Security of these payments is ensured by SSL protocol, which is used to transfer private information from customer to ECENTRU-COM server for further processing. Further transfer of information is done via closed bank networks secured with higher protection measures. Processing of customer’s encoded confidential data (card and registration details, etc.) is carried out via a processing center. Thus, no one, not even the seller, can have access to the customer’s personal and bank data, including information on purchases he has made in other shops.

SSL 3.0 protocol is used to protect information against illegal entry when it is sent from customer to the eCentru server https://secure.e-centru.com/, server certificate (128 bit) has been issued by Network Solutions company, a recognized digital certificates issuer. You can check authenticity of server certificate. As well, a safe technology 3D-Secure is used to process payments via bank cards; support of this technology is a mandatory requirement of VISA international payment system. To support 3D-Secure technology, customer’s VISA card must be registered with Verified by VISA program.


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