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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №2

L. V. Subbotin, I. V. Sapozhnikov, A. V. Subbotin (Odessa, Ukraine)

The tumulus cemetery Diviziya II between the rivers Khadzhider and Alkaliya

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Pages: 563-581

The article is devoted to results of research of tumulus cemetery Diviziya II in the seaside part of Budzhak in 1986. In eight barrows there were investigated 48 graves of various cultures of the Eneolithic – Bronze Age (Yamnaya, Catacomb, Mnogovalikovaya and Sabatinovka), the Scythian time (4-th – 3-th centuries B.C.) and late Middle Ages. New materials comprehensively show specificity of cultural-historical processes in the steppe Northwest Black Sea region from the end of 3-th millennium B.C. till 12-th century A.D.

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