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Stratum plus. 2012. №4

From the Roman Limes to the Great Chinese Wall

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From the Roman Limes to the Great Chinese Wall



K. V. Myzgin (Kharkiv, Ukraine)Finds of the Roman Republican Coins from the south of Eastern Europe17A. N. Podushkin (Shymkent, Kazakhstan)A Contribution to the Kangju Ethnic History, 2nd Century BC — 1st Century AD (based on the materials from the Orlat and Kultobe cemeteries)31E. Shavarebi Moghaddam (Tehran, Iran)Notes on dating of the Reliefs of Ardashir I55A. A. Trufanov (Simferopol, Ukraine)The New Information on the Last Stage of Functioning of a Late Scythian Cemetery at Ust-Alma (on materials of 2009—2011 excavations)65O. K. Savelyev, E. S. Savelyeva (Odessa, Ukraine)Terracotta and Profiled Vessels of Roman Time from Tyras (Excavations of 1997—2011)97K. N. Skvorzov (Kaliningrad, Russia)New Finds of Roman Sites on the Coast of the Vistula Firth107D. V. Akimov, E. A. Enenko (Voronezh, Russia)Incidental Finds of the Roman Age Items in the Forest-Steppe Don Region127O. A. Radjush (Moscow, Russia)Armament of 3rd—5th Centuries AD from Chernyakhov Culture Settlements from the Sejm River Basin in the Kursk Region139E. V. Lourie (St. Petersburg, Russia)Genesis of Vertical-plate Helmets in 1st — 3rd cc. AD157M. M. Choref (Tyumen, Russia)“Non multa, sed multum”, or Differents on the Coins of the Bosporus Kingdom during the “Scythian Wars” as a Historical Source171O. V. Sharov (St. Petersburg, Russia)Pyramidal Crypt no. 1 on the Way to the Tzarsky Kurgan, or Crypt no. 1 discovered in a Kurgan near the road to the Adzhimushkay Quarry in Kerch in 1841. A Historiographical Study201Yu. V. Shirin (Novokuznetsk, Russia), S. V. Khavrin (St. Petersburg, Russia)Complexes of the Second Quarter of the 1st Millennium AD from the Tomsky Cemetery239P. P. Azbelev (St. Petersburg, Russia)Tashtyk Chronology: the Current State of the Problem257A. E. Negin (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)Mater Castrorum, Amazons, Gorgon and Female Face-Mask Helmets in the Roman Imperial Army283


A. K. Nefedkin (St. Petersburg, Russia)The Dromedarii in the Roman Army301


Yu. Yu. Bashkatov, S. A. Gorbanenko (Kiev, Ukraine)Agriculture of the Ancient Inhabitants of the Settlement Dmitryvka III313


A. V. Symonenko (Kiev, Ukraine)The Sarmatian Burial in Nohaichik Kurgan: End of the Dialog Free!327


A. A. Romanchuk (Kishinev, Moldova)Russian Archaeological Annuary: a new “place for discussion” in russian archaeology Free!341


List of AbbreviationsList Free!353To ContributorsRequirements to Contributions to Stratum plus Free!360

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