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Stratum plus. 2022. No5

Beyond the Middle Ages

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Beyond the Middle Ages



M. M. Kazanski (Paris, France), A. V. Mastykova (Moscow, Russian Federation)Dogs in the Burial Rite of the Sambian-Natangian Culture of the Great Migration Period and the Early Middle Ages and Warriors-Werewolves15V. S. Aksonov (Kharkiv, Ukraine)“It’s Death that Comforts us, Alas and Makes us Live…” (notes to the burial rituals of the Alanian population of the Saltovo-Mayaki culture based on the materials from the Verkhne-Saltovsky burial ground)31S. G. Botalov (Yekaterinburg; Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation)Cult and Religious Concepts among the Medieval Nomads of the Southern Urals (Based on the Materials of the Uelga Burial Complex)45


I. R. Akhmedov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation), N. A. Birkina (Moscow, Russian Federation), Yu. V. Loshina (Ryazan, Russian Federation)Pagan Sanctuaries on Old Ryazan Hillfort65G. V. Trebeleva, L. V. Yavorskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. S. Kizilov (Sochi, Russian Federation), S. M. Sakania, Z. G. Khondzia (Sukhum, Abkhazia)Sacrificial Rituals in the Towers of the Markul Settlement: Interpretation of the Results of Archaeological Research85A. A. Porsin (Magnitogorsk, Russian Federation)“Bacteriological Attack” of 1346 in Kaffa and Magical Practices of Medieval Nomads99Yu. V. Seleznev (Voronezh, Russian Federation)Execution on a Moonless Night: on the Question of the Sacredness of the Execution of a Death Sentence in the Golden Horde109A. A. Novik (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Sorcerers and Witches: Magical Practices of the Albanians of Ukraine in the Paradigm of Anthropology115


V. N. Guryanov, A. A. Chubur (Bryansk, Russian Federation)“Ab ovo”: Painted Eggs in the Kurgan Burial Rite of Eastern Slavs127N. N. Seregin (Barnaul, Russian Federation)Cult Artifacts among the Early Medieval Turks of Central Asia: Experience in the Interpretation of Archaeological Materials135V. N. Kuznetsova, V. Yu. Sobolev (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation), R. Spirģis (Riga, Latvia)Spoon-shape Pendants of the 11th—13th Centuries in the Medieval Russian and Baltic Lands145R. Kh. Khramchenkova, V. N. Bakhmatova, A. G. Sitdikov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Archeometric Studies of Sphero-conical Vessels from the CC Dig of the Bolgar Settlement163A. A. Peskova, A. Yu. Kononovich (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation), S. S. Zozulia (Moscow, Russian Federation)Jewelry in the liturgical decoration of the Old Russian church (Based on materials from excavations by N. E. Brandenburg in Staraya Ladoga in 1887)177E. D. Zilivinskaya, E. E. Antipina (Moscow, Russian Federation)Mysterious Amulet from the Cemetery Solyony 2 on Taman203


G. A. Ternovaya (Moscow, Russian Federation)Images of Characters with Folded Arms in art of Semirechye and South Kazakhstan 6th—10th centuries (based on archeology materials)217A. A. Kharlamova (Kharkiv, Ukraine)Herma-shaped Medieval Sculptures in the Basin of the Middle Reaches of the Siversky Donets: Issues of Interpretation and Chronology233E. A. Tianina (Moscow, Russian Federation)Anthropomorphic Wooden Sculpture as a Category of Pagan Antiquities of Medieval Novgorod (Chronology, Topography, Semantics)245E. A. Shinakov, A. A. Chubur (Bryansk, Russian Federation)Ornitomorphic Plots on Radial Temporal Rings: Semantics and Mythological Origins259


M. A. Plavinski (Warsaw, Poland), V. M. Tarasevich (Minsk, Belarus)Flat Burials of Krivichi Based on the Materials of the Naŭry II Necropolis of the Miadziel District, Minsk Region of the Republic of Belarus273M. V. Kvitnytskyi (Kyiv, Ukraine), N. P. Telnov (Kishinev, Moldova), A. Türk (Budapest, Hungary)Ancient Hungarian Grave near Glinoe Village on the Left Bank of the Lower Dniester303S. V. Vasilyev (Moscow, Russian Federation), N. A. Tropin (Yelets, Russian Federation), S. B. Borutskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation)Archaeological and Anthropological Study of the Lost Rural Necropolis of the Yelets Principality319


A. A. Romanchuk (Kishinev, Moldova)The Ethnonym русь and the East-Germanic *rauþs ‘Red’: new contributions to the hypothesis Free!335A. A. Beskov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation)Mythology Armed with a Shovel, or Is Archaeology of the Supernatural Possible? Free!345


A. E. Musin (Warsaw, Poland), B. M. Stanisławski (Wrocław, Poland).Ladoga and Wolin as Nodal Centers of Trans-Baltic Contacts between Polish Lands and North-West of Eastern Europe in the 10th Century Free!361I. D. Górewicz (Szczecin, Poland)From Universal to Specialized Weapons? The Techniques of Spear Fighting of Slavs vs. Other Peoples in the European Early Middle Ages. Selected Examples Free!383P. Kucypera (Łódź, Poland), S. Wadyl, P. Gan (Warsaw, Poland)Equestrian Equipment and Horse Harness from Ciepłe in Northern Poland in the Light of Archaeometallurgical Examinations Free!395R. Liwoch (Kraków, Poland)Medieval Mace Heads and Flail Striking Heads of Undetermined Provenience from the Archaeological Museum in Cracow Free!409T. Kurasiński (Łódź, Poland)The Past Is Written in Stone. About Unusual Weapons in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times Free!415A. Bołdyrew, T. Grabarczyk (Łódź, Poland)Captain Alexander Sieniawski, Coat of Arms Leliwa, and his Cavalry Unit in 1557 Free!427


I. Yu. Vascheva, V. A. Grozova (Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation)Leo VI the Wise and Islam Challenges. (Refl ections on the book: M. L. D. Riedel. Leo VI and the Transformation of Byzantine Christian Identity. Writings of an Unexpected Emperor. Cambridge, 2018) Free!435D.A. Topal (Kishinev, Moldova)[Review:] Yotov V., Kolias T. G., Eger C. 2021. Swords in Byzantium. Studia Militaria Balcanica II-1. Varna: Slavena Free!447


S. N. Travkin (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Serge V. Beletsky — Scientist and Teacher Free!449


AbbreviationsAbbreviations Free!453SubmissionsSubmissions Free!457

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