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Stratum plus. 2015. No.1

Time of the First Artists

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Time of the First Artists

In Memoriam Zoya A. Abramova



S. A. Vasiliev, G. V. Grigorieva (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)In Memoriam Zoya A. Abramova (19.03.1925—31.10.2013) Free!17A. M. Kuznetsov (Vladivostok, Russian Federation)About Zoya Abramova, Scientific Advisor and Remarkable Person Free!23S. N. Astakhov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)How Kokorevo Interstadial Acquired Its Name Free!27A. M. Burovsky (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Memories on Dvuglazka Excavations in 1979 and About Zoya Abramova Free!29A.B.Chernomordik, A.Nesterenko (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)From the Family Archive Free!35


Ya. A. Sher (Moscow, Russian Federation)Cave Art and Modern Art49S. A. Zintchenko (Moscow, Russian Federation)On the Concept of “Composition” in the Mobile Art of the Upper Palaeolithic63Yu. E. Berezkin (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Circum-Pacific Art in the Palaeolithic73T. I. Shcherbakova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Kapova Cave: New Data on the Cultural Layer and Rediscoved Palaeolithic Images (Based on the Results of 2004—2005 Fieldworks)103A. S. Pakhunov, V. S. Zhitenev (Moscow, Russian Federation)New Data on Upper Palaeolithic Paint Recipes: Scientific Examination of Massive Paint Remains from Kapova Cave, Southern Ural, Russia125Yu. B. Serikov (Nizhny Tagil, Russian Federation)Prehistoric Art of Urals (Stone Age)137E. M. Kolpakov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Our Demons153L. V. Lbova, P. V. Volkov (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)Microscopic Analysis of the Anthropomorphic Figurines from Malta (Technology of Formation, Detalization and Decoration)161V. B. Pankovskiy (Kiev, Ukraine), E. Yu. Girya, M. V. Sablin (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Discrimination between Prehistoric Artworks and Naturally Modified Faunal Remains in the Light of Traceological Studies169


K. N. Gavrilov (Moscow, Russian Federation)“Dwellings” of the Anosovo-Mezin Type: Origins and Interpretation187N. B. Akhmetgaleeva (Kurchatov, Russian Federation), Yu. E. Demidenko (Kiev, Ukraine)Role of Bone and Flint Points in Hunting Projectile Weaponry of the Late Palaeolithic Sites of Byki (Kursk Oblast, Russia)205V. V. Pitulko, E. Yu. Pavlova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation), P. A. Nikolskiy (Moscow, Russian Federation)Processing of the Mammoth Tusk in the Upper Palaeolithic of the Arctic Siberia (with Particular Reference to the Materials of the Yana Site)223E. P. Rybin, V. S. Slavinskiy (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)Levallois Convergent Unidirectional Typical Technology in Southern Siberia and the Northern Part of Central Asia: Variability, Distribution, Chronology285E. V. Akimova, I. V. Stasiuk, V. M. Kharevich (Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation), A. N. Motuzko (Minsk, Belarus), S. A. Lauhin (Moscow, Russian Federation)Late Palaeolithic Site of Pokrovka II (Krasnoyarsk Reservoir): Place of Discovery of Skeletal Remains of Homo sapiens309V. M. Kharevich, E. V. Akimova, I. V. Stasiuk, E. A. Tomilova (Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)Blade Production Technology in the Industry of Layer 19 of the Listvenka Site321Ya. V. Kuzmin (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)Radiocarbon Chronology of the Siberian Palaeolithic: toward the History of Creation of the First Concepts and Schemes (1960s — 1970s)333


List of AbbreviationsList Free!339SubmissionsSubmissions Free!346

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