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Stratum plus. 2013. №4

In Search of Oium. “Peoples’ Paths”

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In Search of Oium. “Peoples’ Paths”

Dedicated to 60th anniversary of Michel Kazanski



O. V. Sharov (Saint Petersburg, Russia)The First Sixty Years: Accumulation of Wisdom and Knowledge Free!17S. V. Beletsky (Saint Petersburg, Russia), B. A. Raev (Krasnodar, Russia), O. V. Sharov (Saint Petersburg, Russia)Scientifica vita Michel Kazanski Free!21BibliographyM. M. Kazanski’s Bibliography Free!25


R. V. Terpilovskij (Kiev, Ukraine), G. V. Zharov (Chernigov, Ukraine)Metal Vessels of Mutyn Cemetery on the Seym River35S. V. Beletsky (Saint Petersburg, Russia)Limestone Slab with a “Sarmatian Sign” from the Vicinity of the Village of Corpaci (Moldova)43O. A. Radjush (Moscow, Russia)Elements of Horsemen’s and Warrior Culture in the Dnieper Region in 2nd—3rd cc. AD51P. V. Shuvalov (Saint Petersburg, Russia)Three Maps of the European Sarmatia of Claudius Ptolemaeus75O. A. Khomiakova (Moscow, Russia)Rodniki (formerly Preußisch Arnau/Käpphen) Graveyard and its Place in the Cultural Landscape of Chistyj Prud Micro-Region: Practice of Preliminary Analysis91N. Ju. Limberis, I. I. Marchenko (Krasnodar, Russia)The Equestrian Burial with Shield-Boss from Middle Kuban105V. Kulcsár (Szeged, Hungary), E. Istvánovits (Nyíregyháza, Hungary)New Find of Saddle Plates of Hun Age from North-Eastern Hungary117O. M. Voroshilova (Moscow, Russia)Late-Antiquity Vault from Excavations in Phanagoria in 2011123I. V. Stasjuk (Saint Petersburg, Russia)New Finds of Weapons of the Roman Age and the Merovingian Age in the North-West Russia133D. V. Akimov (Voronezh, Russia)“Barbarian Kingdom” of the Hunnic Age in the Upper Don Region147A. A. Yegoreichenko (Minsk, Belarus)About the Cultural Attribution of Hill Forts in Braslav’s Poozerye159


S. V. Ushakov, V. V. Doroshko (Sevastopol, Ukraine)A New Find from Chersonesos: Lamp in the Form of a Roman Military Boot — Calceus171A. E. Negin (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)Roman Decorative Helmets179W. Nowakowski (Warsaw, Poland)Between the Adriatic Sea and the Crimea: Fibula with Double Needle from Novae187M. M. Choref (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia)Towards Periodization of Monetary Circulation in Taurica during Roman Domination191K. V. Myzgin (Kharkiv, Ukraine)Roman Coins in the Areal of Chernyakhov Culture: Sources of Inflows217B. V. Magomedov, S. V. Didenko (Kiev, Ukraine)Research of a Chernyakhov Culture Cemetery near Village Legedzino in 2008—2011235A. A. Vasil’yev (Odessa, Ukraine)Constantine the Great vs. “Meotian Sauromates”: Three Questions to Zosimus245N. N. Bolgov, M. N. Ryabtseva (Belgorod, Russia)About Nature of the German Influences on Bosporus in Period of Great Migrations261L. A. Golofast (Moscow, Russia)New Finds of Glazed White Ware I from Chersonesos269A. K. Nefedkin (Saint Petersburg, Russia)Military Organization of Visigothic Kingdom275


S. A. Gorbanenko (Kiev, Ukraine)Methods of Interpretation of Palaeoethnobotanical Data (example of materials from Velikaya Bugaevka)293Yu. Yu. Bashkatov (Kiev, Ukraine)To the Question of Development of the Slavic Homebuilding Tradition on the Dnieper Forest-Steppe Left Bank301


J. WernerThe Gold Bracelet of the Frankish King Childeric and German Late Roman Bracelets (with Ludwig Pauli’s work attached hereto)315


S. Yu. Kargapoltsev (Saint Petersburg, Russia)A Contribution to the Lower Date of the Long Barrows (history of investigation and reply to opponents)351L. S. Klejn (Saint Petersburg, Russia)Scholar, Teacher, Pupil Free!361


List of AbbreviationsList Free!365SubmissionsSubmissions Free!372

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Pages— 385 
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ISSN: 1608 - 9057 
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