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Stratum plus. 2021. No5

Laws of Nature and Whims of the Middle Ages

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Laws of Nature and Whims of the Middle Ages



O. V. Komar, A. V. Borysov (Kyiv, Ukraine)The “Our Pagans” of the Kiev land: stages of settlement and the landscape-geographical niche of nomads in agricultural society15V. D. Grekov (Kharkiv, Ukraine)The Cultural and Geographical Patterns of Rus’ Military Affair Development from the Tenth to the First Half of the Thirteenth Centuries in the Light of the Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Responses Concept41G. E. Svistun, V. I. Kvitkovskij (Kharkiv, Ukraine)Nature of the Bolshaya Babka River Valley Usage in the Middle Ages47S. V. Vasilyev, T. A. Puzanova, S. B. Borutskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation), G. Yu. Starodubtsev (Kursk, Russian Federation), F. G. Kurbanova (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. V. Zorin (Kursk, Russian Federation), O. V. Rudenko (Orel, Russian Federation)Natural Conditions and Adaptation to them in the Medieval Population of Forest-Steppes65V. Yu. Sobolev (Sankt Petersburg, Rusia)Natural Disasters of 1120s and the Population Movement in the Western Novgorod Land77S. A. Salmin, E. V. Salmina (Pskov, Russian Federation)“…To Postpone the Campaign until Winter”: the impact of natural factors on military actions of the 14th—15th centuries on the Pskov borderlands85Z. K. Suraganova, M. K. Khabdulina (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)In the Footsteps of the Descendants of the Heavenly Mother: from Myth to the Semantics of the Sacral Landscape99


N. V. Zhilina (Moscow, Russian Federation)The Pagan Program of the Early Slavic Art: Man and Animals111E. A. Shinakov, A. A. Chubur (Bryansk, Russian Federation)Fauna in Art and Reality: from the Early Iron Age to the Early Middle Ages (based on materials from the Middle Desna Basin)129G. V. Trebeleva (Moscow, Russian Federation), S. M. Sakania (Sukhum, Abkhazia), V. A. Lobkovskii (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. S. Kizilov (Sochi, Russian Federation)Stone Art Feline Images of Medieval Abkhazia (based on recent artifacts found during Markul expedition)147N. N. Tochilova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)The Rejection of Zoomorphic Elements as One of the Important Characteristics of the Borre Style Development in the Applied Art of Old Russia (by wooden finds from Novgorod the Great)157E. D. Zilivinskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation), D. V. Vasiliev (Astrakhan, Russian Federation), E. M. Boldyreva (Moscow, Russian Federation)Zoomorphic Elements in Ceramics of the Samosdelsky Settlement167M. A. Kudinova (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)“Persian” and “Roman” Dogs in Medieval China187A. E. Zhabreva (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Furs, Feathers and Flowers in European Medieval Costume: Based on Materials from Manuscript Miniatures195


S. A. Gorbanenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), O. P. ZhuravlyovAnimal Husbandry and Hunting among the Siverians207M. V. Kublii (Kyiv, Ukraine)Exploration of the Condition of Animal Husbandry in Kyivan Rus Based on Materials of Excavations of the site Igren-8231N. V. Khamaiko, M. V. Kublii, L. V. Gorobets, Ye. Yu. Yanish (Kyiv, Ukraine)Not by Bread Alone: meat and fish in the diet of residents of Kyiv Podil under Yaroslav the Wise239S. F. Tataurov (Omsk, Russian Federation)The Importance of Fish for the Population of the Russian Siberian City of Tara at the End of the 16th—19th Centuries259


M. M. Kazanski (Paris, France), A. V. Mastykova (Moscow, Russian Federation)Burials with Horses at the Necropolis of the Sambian-Natangian Culture of the Early Middle Ages and Anthropological Data267B. Gulyás (Budapest, Hungary), G. Lőrinczy (Szeged, Hungary), A. A. Strokov (Moscow, Russian Federation)Burials with Whole Horse Skeletons in the Tiszántúl and Eastern European Steppe Region in the 6th —7th centuries AD281N. R. Mykhailova (Kyiv, Ukraine), T. Kirkinen, K. Mannermaa (Helsinki, Finland)Buried in the Elk and Reindeer Hides in the Iron Age and the Early Middle Ages in Northern Europe: an Ethno-Archaeological Aspect295D. A. Stashenkov, A. F. Kochkina, M. A. Turetsky (Samara, Russian Federation), I. R. Gazimzyanov (Kazan, Russian Federation), V. V. Gasilin (Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation), A. A. Khokhlov (Samara, Russian Federation)Elite Burial of the Golden Horde Era in the Samara Volga Region: Man, Horses and Ritual Complex309


N. N. Seregin (Barnaul, Russian Federation), N. F. Stepanova (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)“Elite” Children’s Burial of Turkic Khaganates Period from the Northern Altai335M. V. Kvitnytskyi (Tiraspol, Moldova), N. P. Telnov (Kishinev, Moldova), S. D. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), S. N. Razumov, V. S. Sinika (Tiraspol, Moldova), A. Türk (Budapest, Hungary)Early Hungarian Grave near Frumuşica Village in the Middle Dniester Region345K. A. Mikhajlov, A. A. Peskova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Ramparts or Walls: on the Question of the Reconstruction of Defensive Structures of the Large Fortified Settlement near Shepetovka371


M. V. Elnikov (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine)Metal Products of the Bolshiye Kuchugury Hillfort (stray finds of 1950—1970s)379Kh. Kh. Mustafin, I. E. Alborova (Moscow, Russian Federation), I. V. Stasyuk (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Medieval Gene Pool of the Vod’ Land of Novgorod the Great397A. A. Novik, M. V. Domosiletskaya (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Spanish Broom (Spartium junceum L.) in the Traditional Culture of the Contact Zones of the Adriatic and Ionian Coasts in the Balkans411V. I. Tsvirkun (Kishinev, Moldova)Political and Governmental Activities of Dmitry Kantemir in Russia423


A. A. Romanchuk (Kishinev, Moldova)The Limits of Constructivism: a Comment to the “Slavs in the Making” of F. Curta Free!432


N. P. Telnov (Kishinev, Moldova)Ad memoriam Tatiana F. Ryaboy Free!445


AbbreviationsAbbreviations Free!447SubmissionsSubmissions Free!451

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