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Stratum plus. 2019. No1

Between Hobbes and Rousseau. Primordial warfare

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Between Hobbes and Rousseau. Primordial warfare



O. Yu. Artemova (Moscow, Russian Federation)War or Peace? (between Hobbes and Rousseau: some considerations of an ethnographer)17E. M. Kolpakov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)“Warfare” in the Rock Carvings of Fennoscandia61


Around Karama  

V. S. Slavinsky (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)Artifacts of the Karama Site (Gorny Altai): drawings, descriptions, interpretations (analysis of the publication of materials)71Ya. V. Kuzmin (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation), A. Yu. Kazansky (Moscow, Russian Federation)Chronology of the Lower Palaeolithic Site of Karama (Gorny Altai): Facts and Problems85

On dwellings and sanctuaries  

V. Ya. Sergin (Moscow, Russian Federation)Dwellings or sanctuaries?99

Disputable questions in the study of the Final Pleistocene/Early Holocene sites in the Central Russian Plain  

S. N. Lisitsyn (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)About the source studies of the Final Pleistocene — Early Holocene sites in the Central Russian Plain. A reply to A. N. Sorokin111


E. Yu. Girya, D. N. Fedorova, K. N. Stepanova, A. A. Malyutina, E. M. Kolpakov, A. M. Kulkov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Technical Means and Research Perspectives in Archeological Traceology131A. V. Shalagina, K. A. Kolobova, A. I. Krivoshapkin (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)Scar Pattern Analysis as a Method for the Reconstruction of Lithic Artifacts Production Sequence145


V. V. Pitulko, E. Yu. Pavlova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Upper Palaeolithic Sewing Kit from the Yana Site, Arctic Siberia157N. E. Belousova, E. P. Rybin, A. Yu. Fedorchenko (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)Treatment Strategy of Stone Raw Material in the Initial Upper Palaeolithic of Gorny Altai (based on materials of cultural horizon UP2, Kara-Bom site)225V. M. Kharevich, E. V. Akimova, I. V. Stasiuk (Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)Refitting Analysis of Lithic Materials from the Byuza II Site (Middle Yenisei): a Trial251


T. U. Khujageldiev (Dushanbe, Tajikistan), K. A. Kolobova, S. V. Shnaider, A. I. Krivoshapkin (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)The First Evidence of Bifacial Technology in the Middle Palaeolithic of Tajikistan265V. S. Zubkov (Abakan, Russian Federation), S. A. Vasiliev, N. D. Burova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation), M. L. Makhlaev, G. Yu. Yamskikh (Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)Late Palaeolithic of the Upper Abakan River (Khakassiya)279I. V. Pistruil (Odessa, Ukraine)Anetovka І — an Epi-Aurignacian Site in the Steppe Part of the Southern Bug Basin295O. V. Ryzhkova (Nizhny Tagil, Russian Federation), M. G. Zhilin (Moscow, Russian Federation), S. N. Savchenko, L. L. Kosinskaia (Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation)Mesolithic Materials from Beregovaya II Site at Gorbunovo Peat Bog in the Trans-Urals (excavations of 1991—1992)319


S. P. Shchavelev (Kursk, Russian Federation)Неоконченные споры археологов (и не только их) о древностях (и не только о них) (Клейн Л. С. Диалоги. Теоретическая археология и не только. Санкт-Петербург: «Евразия», 2018. 368 с.) Free!337


List of AbbreviationsList of Abbreviations Free!345SubmissionsSubmissions Free!347

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