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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №2

Copper Age Warriors

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Copper Age Warriors



G. F. Korobkova (†), M. B. Rysin (St. - Petersburg, Russia), O. G. Shaposhnikova (†)Issues in Early Yamnaya Cultural Community Studies in the Light of Research on Mikhailovka Settlement10


H. Vandkilde (Aarhus, Denmark)Warriors and Warrior Institutions in Copper Age Europe268I. V. Bruyako, I. V. Sapozhnikov (Odessa, Ukraine)Sea Level Changes in Late Pleistocene – First Half of Holocene (about 30-4 ky BP) and Archaeology of Northern-Western Black Sea Coast299


K. Bâčvarov (Sofia, Bulgaria)Burying in a Vessel: the Origins of Early Jar Burial in Southeast Europe315S. V. Ivanova (Odessa, Ukraine)Between the Life and Death: Ideas about the Structure of Mythic and Ritual Space325V. L. Rostunov (†)The Turtle-Shaped Tumuli of Eneolithic – Beginning of Early Bronze Age in the North Caucasus and North Coast of the Black Sea344


A. A. Romanchuk (Kishinev, Moldova)The localization of Sino-Caucasian Motherland367L. B. Kircho (St. - Petersburg, Russia)Main Directions and the Character of the Cultural Interactions of Southern Turkmenistan in 5th – 3rd Millennium BC374S. N. Korenevsky (Moscow, Russia)The Settlement Yaseneva Polyana of the Copper Age in the North Caucasus – the Heritage of P.A. Ditler393B. Govedarica (Berlin, Germany)Stone Cross-Shaped Mace-Heads of the Copper Age of South-Eastern and Eastern Europe419A. V. Dyachenko (Kiev, Ukraine)The Problems of Relative Chronology of the Western Tripolyan Settlements of the South Bug and the Middle Dnieper River438A. V. Polyakov (St. - Petersburg, Russia)The Relative Chronology of Archaeological Sites of the Early Stage of the Karasuk Culture451A. N. Usachuk (Donetsk, Ukraine)The Most Ancient Cheek-Pieces of the Middle Volga River Basin and Regional Peculiarities of their Production483A.M. Hasanova (Baku, Azerbaijan)A Study of Ancient Tin Bronze of Azerbaijan and Neighboring Regions507L. O. Chukhray (Kiev, Ukraine)Current Problems of Burial Mound Museums513T. I. Akhundov (Baku, Azerbaijan)Soyug Bulag Necropolis523P. A. Ditler (†), S. N. Korenevsky (Moscow, Russia)The Settlement Yaseneva Polyana as Archaeological Source for the Copper Age and the Culture with Pricked Pearl Pottery in the North Caucasus545Ya. P. Gershkovich (Kiev, Ukraine)Dneprovo-Kamenka Casting Moulds Complex of the Late Bronze Age in the Middle Dnieper Area578N. I. Udovichenko (Lvov, Ukraine)Petrographic Attribution of Stone Casting Moulds from Dneprovo-Kamenka591


L. S. Klejn (St.-Petersburg, Russia)Ukrainian Exploration of Tripolye: A Reference-Book or a Site? Free!593I. V. Manzura (Kishinev, Moldova)[Рev..: Zeptertrдger – Herrscher der Steppen. Die frühen Ockergräber des Äneolithikums im karpaten-balkanischen Gebiet und im Steppemraum Südost- und Osteuropas] Free!601


List of abbreviationsList Free!607

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