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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №2

A. V. Polyakov (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

The Relative Chronology of Archaeological Sites of the Early Stage of the Karasuk Culture

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Pages: 451-482

The article is devoted to the elaboration of more detailed relative chronology of archaeological sites, which correspond to the early stage of the Karasuk culture in Siberia. The study is based on the analysis of horizontal stratigraphy of Karasuk-type pottery within separate cemeteries. Additionally, various elements of burial structures and different categories of finds (bronze knives, ornaments, etc.) are involved into research. The analysis made it possible to distinguish three independent chronological horizons during the first stage of the development of the Karasuk culture and even trace main trends of cultural evolution within these horizons. Separation of the earliest group of burials enables posing once again the question about the origin of the Karasuk culture with the expectation of new important results. The inner chronology of the Karasuk culture presented in the article shows that the emergence of the Kamenny Log stage is a natural development of Karasuk traditions in conjunction with certain cultural impulse, whose attribution is still unclear. At the same time, it can be connected with Central Asian influence.


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