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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №2

G. F. Korobkova (†), M. B. Rysin (St.-Petersburg, Russia), O. G. Shaposhnikova (†)

Issues in Early Yamnaya Cultural Community Studies in the Light of Research on Mikhailovka Settlement

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Pages: 167-168

The monograph provides a complex study of the unique multi-layered site of early Yamnaya cultural community dated by the late 4th – 3rd millennium BC, located in the Ukrainian Low Dnieper area. The book explores the role of stone tools in Paleo-Metallic and later cultures, methodology of complex analysis of materials, features of the settlement and its topography, types of dwellings. It provides a brief description of ceramics and tools. The authors offer the first functional typology of tools for the sites of early Yamnaya culture and provide a reconstruction of economic and productive activities of Mikhailovka population. They undertook a functional and planigraphic analysis of materials, which allowed exploring into the internal industrial structure of the site and distinguishing special workshops of communal-artisanal type, with many hearths. Thus, the analysis brought pioneer results. The obtained description is of vital importance for understanding of cultural genesis, palaeoeconomy, social-communal organization of the early steppe communities in Eastern Europe.


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