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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №2

Ya. P. Gershkovich (Kiev, Ukraine)

Dneprovo-Kamenka Casting Moulds Complex of the Late Bronze Age in the Middle Dnieper Area

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Pages: 578-590

The casting moulds have been found in the Dneprodzerzhinsk storage reservoir near village Dneprovo-Kamenka, Verkhnedneprovsk district, Dnepropetrovsk oblast'. They form the uniform closed complex with eleven moulds made from the local talc slate. The sickles, wedges, celts, chisels (?), knives and daggers, spear-heads and pins were cast in this workshop. It is possible to determine their probable high date within BD - НаА1.
The considered casting moulds are connected definitely with the Ingul-Krasnyj-Mayak metal-working center. In the Middle Dnieper area they fix the most northern border of this center and demonstrate penetration of the Sabatinovka Cultures masters, who united with the local population in order to resolve some economic and domestic tasks.                                         
A certain combination of negatives for items in this complex can be connected with the necessity to simultaneously produce series of bronze items, which were necessary in seasonal, most likely summer-autumnal or autumn-winter manufacturing-household cycle. The reasons why they were found in a common deposition can be explained by some ancient ideological norms and notions, according to which any subject becoming unsuitable for the further use was to be buried, in particular such sacral objects as casting moulds. 


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