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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №2

I. V. Bruyako, I. V. Sapozhnikov (Odessa, Ukraine)

Sea Level Changes in Late Pleistocene – First Half of Holocene (about 30-4 ky BP) and Archaeology of Northern-Western Black Sea Coast

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Pages: 299-314

The article characterizes transgressive-regressive sea level changes in the Black Sea – Azov Sea basin in connection with the dynamics of spatial distribution and density of sites and main cultural-historical processes that took place in the Upper Palaeolithic – Eneolithic in the region. In addition, it provides a critical assessment of the popular theory of catastrophic “Noah’s Deluge on the Black Sea” by V. Rein and V. Pitman, as well as a number of archaeological migration concepts (L.L. Zaliznyak, V.A. Dergaciov etc.), based on the sea level change.


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