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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №2

A. V. Dyachenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

The Problems of Relative Chronology of the Western Tripolyan Settlements of the South Bug and the Middle Dnieper River

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Pages: 438-450

The article is dedicated to the problems of systematization and relative chronology of the settlements of Vladimirovka-Tomashovka genetic line of development of the Western Tripolyan culture. Traditionally, these sites are conventionally combined in three subsequent local and chronological groups – Vladimirovka, Nebelevka and Tomashovska. The analysis of meaning of the attributes that are the base of the inner periodization of the genetic lines of the cultural development makes it necessary to introduce the stage of finding possible temporary characteristics of the settlements in the procedure of theoretic modeling. Thus, three variants of the relative chronology of Vladimirovka-Tomashovka sites are proposed: subsequent development of the local groups (traditional variant), synchronization of the latest Vladimirovka with the earliest Nebelevka and the latest Nebelevka settlements with the earliest Tomashovka settlements and synchronization of the settlements that previously belonged to the second and the third phases of Tomashovka local group.


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