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Stratum Plus. 1997

Stratum: Structures and Catastrophes

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Stratum: Structures and Catastrophes

268 p., 19,5Mb



L. Vishnyatsky (St.-Petersburg, Russia)On the approaches to art Free!4Viach.Vsev.Ivanov (Moscow, Russia)Indoeuropean Migrations Free!20Igor Manzura (Kishinev, Moldova)The archaeology of basic myth Free!26Leo Klejn (St.-Petersburg, Russia)The origin of zero: the evolution of dice game between Indus and Danube Free!47Caroline Jones Blay (Los Angeles, USA)The Women at War in the Indo-European World Free!67D.A.Machinski (St. Petersburg, Russia)The sacral Scythian centers near Caucasus and Altaï and its relationships in the end of IVth — middle I milleniums B.C.). Free!73O.Sharov (St.-Petersburg, Russia)The Ruin of Hermanarich: History and Epos Free!95A.S.Liberman (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)The Scandinavian-Slavic Semantic Parallel: Joke/Perineum Free!107Mark Shchukin (St.-Petersburg, Russia)The Birth of the Slavs Free!110Sergius Ehrlich (St. Petersburg, Russia)Adoration for the magi Free!148Rabinovich R.A. (Kishinev, Moldova)“Wolves” of Russian chronicles (about totemic origin of the ethnic name “Ulichi”) Free!178Oleg Kozik (St. Petersburg, Russia)The definition of “riches” in the context of history. “Vital” aspect of “riches” Free!200S.V.Dmitriev (St. Petersburg, Russia)The theme of the cut head and political culture of Central Asia’s nations Free!212N.D.Russev (Kishinev, Moldova)Noseless Door-keeper of the Epochs Free!220M.Tkachuk (Kishinev, Moldova)Non-Russian idea Free!240List of AbbreviationsList Free!267

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Pages— 268
Format — 195×260 mm
ISBN 5-901007-03-4