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Stratum Plus. 1997

Oleg Kozik (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The definition of “riches” in the context of history. “Vital” aspect of “riches”

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Pages: 200-211

The article deals with the problem and necessity of adequate comprehension of a definition “riches” in the studies of realities of now gone cultures. (The importance of such a problem and necessity was shown, for instance, by investigations of so called “Gift Economy” relations). On the basis of examples from the retrospection of Indo-European language historical continuity, along with appeals to some realities of ancient I.-E. world outlook systems,the article makes the conclusion about the existence of a special, important, wide spread and “long-living” — aspect of the definition “riches”, which is connected with a certain “mechanism” of the language consciousness, the core of wich is shown in the article. Taking into account this aspect of the definition “riches”, and this language consciousness “mechanism”,can be useful for the investigations and comprehension of elements of historical cultures, of historical systems of world outlook, for the investigations of historical words-creating processes.

Information about author:

Oleg Kozik
(St. Petersburg, Russia)

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