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Stratum Plus. 1997

Caroline Jones Blay (Los Angeles, USA)

The Women at War in the Indo-European World

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Pages: 67-72

The conclusion that some women occupied the position of warriors in the Indo-European societies is out of question. We have not only the written and iconographic testimonies, but also female burials of an unconditionally warrior character. I don’t think in no case that the Indo-European society was overfilled with the women, which neglected their female duties for the sake of a warrior position. I consider on the basis of the well-known data, that a sufficient number of the Indo-European women was involved into the war sphere and that they were not a fancy of the nature. They came onto the stage, when the society needed them or the roles in this society were not strictly distributed in accordance with the sex attributes, that we ascribed to it beginning from the XIX century. It was this attitude of the past century, that overshadowed the clear testimonies and prevented us from seeing the obvious.

Information about author:

Caroline Jones Blay
(Los Angeles, USA)

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