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Stratum Plus. 1997

N.D.Russev (Kishinev, Moldova)

Noseless Door-keeper of the Epochs

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Pages: 220-239

The plague pandemia, that struck the Old World in the middle of the XIV century, sent millions of people to their graves. The dreadful plague can be regarded as the ruiner of the old system of life in the Western Europe. But the role of the ruining craze in the history of the Eastern and South-Eastern countries on this continent has not been studied up to now. One of the reasons for the historiographic gap is due to a rather poor source fund of the Black death. In order to replenish the lack of information the author attracted the numismatic finds, discovered on the territory of the Golden Horde to his study. The investigations show that considerable changes in the destiny of the survived started in fact simultaneously with the mortal disease, that had covered enormous territories. The catastrophic impulses upset the social balance in many regions. The population abandoned their customary inhabited locations. The merchants had no rearrange the broken commercial relations, the rulers were rather active in remaking the political map. The crisis, caused by the plague, made take the first decisive steps along the way of the total historical transformation in the region.

Information about author:

Nicolai Russev
(Kishinev, Moldova). Doctor habilitat of history. High Anthropological School.
E-mail: [email protected]

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