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The footsteps of my friends leaving ... Ad memoriam Oleg Sharov

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The footsteps of my friends leaving ... Ad memoriam Oleg Sharov

Edited by
Michel M. Kazanski and Anna V. Mastykova

This collection of articles is dedicated to the memory of Oleg Sharov, a well-known archaeologist and specialist in Roman Time antiquities from the south of Eastern Europe. This volume contains memoirs of Oleg Sharov’s friends and family members, his latest and unpublished works, as well as articles written by his colleagues. The articles cover a rather extensive range of topics, fully matching O. Sharov’s research interests, including papers on the Bronze Age, Early Iron Age, Antiquity and the Great Migrations. It will be interesting for archaeologists, historians, university lecturers and students, as well as anyone interested in the early history of the region.


348 стр., 26 Mb



M. E. Tkachuk (Kishinev, Moldova)My Friend Oleg Sharov Free!11A. V. Engovatova (Moscow, Russian Federation)O. V. Sharov in the Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences Free!15


G. V. Sharova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)About Oleg Free!19E. Yu. Girya (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)A Few Details to the Portrait of a Modern Archaeologist Free!29I. L. Tikhonov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Field seasons of Oleg Sharov Free!35M. Yu. Afanasjew (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Оvershadowed by “Farn” Free!45Album of PhotosAlbum of Photos Free!49


O. V. Sharov (†)Hieratic Complex Taraktash in the Eastern Crimea Free!71O. V. Sharov (†), D. A. Kostromichyov (Sevastopol, Crimea), N. Yu. Novoselova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)The Сrypt 23/1891 from the Archaeological Excavations Led by К. К. Кostsyushko-Valyuzhinich: new studies in 2020 Free!87


A. V. Engovatova, Kh. Kh. Mustafin, I. E. Al’borova (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. A. Kanapin, A. A. Samsonova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation), M. B. Mednikova (Moscow, Russian Federation)New Data on the Fatyanovo Culture: Analysis of Ancient DNA in the Burials of the Volosovo-Danilovsky Burial Ground Free!115K. V. Chugunov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)The Paradigm of M. B. Schukin and O. V. Sharov — the Experience of Using It in the Chronology of Complexes of the Early Scythian Time in Tuva Free!129N. Yu. Limberis, I. I. Marchenko (Krasnodar, Russian Federation)Maeotian Burial with the “Eye-glass”-shaped Cheek-pieces Free!143A. M. Oblomskiy (Moscow, Russian Federation)The Complex of Settlements of the Late Scythian Culture near Village Staevo in the Upper Reaches of the Voronezh River in the 2nd Century BC — 2nd Century AD Free!153A. I. Drobushevski (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Zarubintsy Culture and Bastarnae Free!171P. V. Shuvalov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)One Boudini Beaver for a Сeltic Grivna? On the Question of the Prehistory of Commercial Hunting and Fur Trade in Eastern Europe Free!191V. V. Priymak (Sumy, Ukraine)Burials of the Sarmatian Time of the Upper Sula and Upper Psel Basins (Beginning of the 1st Millennium AD) Free!221M. M. Kazanski (Paris, France), A. V. Mastykova (Moscow, Russian Federation)Aestii and Germans in Roman Period. On the Relationship of Archaeological Cultures and Ethnonyms from Written Sources Free!235Ya. E. Bespalchikova (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Gothic Shamanism as a Scholarly Issue Free!247M. V. Lyubichev (Kharkiv, Ukraine), E. Schultze (Berlin, Germany)Multiple Burials in the Cemeteries of the Chernyakhov-Sântana de Mureş Culture Free!279B. V. Magomedov (Kyiv, Ukraine)Combs of the Chernyakhov Culture: Magical Function Free!281E. Istvánovits (Nyíregyháza, Hungary), V. Kulcsár (Szeged, Hungary), A. A. Stoianova (Simferopol, Crimea)Brooches in the Costume of the Sarmatian Age Population in the Crimean Piedmont and the Great Hungarian Plain Free!295A. I. Aibabin, E. A. Khairedinova (Simferopol, Crimea)Vault 197 beyond the Horizon of the Cemetery near the Village Luchistoe in the Southwest of the Crimea Free!323J. Pinar Gil (Hradec Králové, Czech Republic)Office insignia, diplomatic gifts and fashion items: on some 5th century brooches in the Adriatic-Alpine area Free!335


List of AbbreviationsList of Abbreviations Free!345

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