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Stratum Library

publishing series
ISBN 978-9975-3198-0-5

Stratum Library is a special publishing programme. It aims to publish studies, whose primary focus is on interpretation of complex social-cultural processes related to genesis of archaeological cultures and their living prototypes represented by different ethnic, social and economic communities. Interdisciplinary (historical-cultural, cultural-anthropological, linguistic, etc.) analytical studies, including explanation of such phenomena as cultural changes, crises and catastrophes, migrations, interaction of cultures and civilizations, analysis of social, economic and technological structures of the past – these are priorities of this programme. Stratum Publishing House sees its mission in improving quality and standards of discussions within historical disciplines, involving specialists of different disciplines in these discussions, enabling a more intense theoretical and conceptual environment, as well as enhancing critical approaches and importance of the most relevant scientific problems.


Volume of papers “One her wing is silver, The other one is made of gold…”
Edited by R. F. Rabinovich и N. P. Telnov
2020 year, 508 pages, e-ISBN: 978-9975-3343-6-5

This collection of selected papers is dedicated to the memory of Svetlana S. Ryabtseva (1966—2019), a very pure soul, scholar, archaeologist, leading student of the history of medieval gold-work, costume and jewelry set of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. As both Russian and Moldovan researcher, she took a unique place in science: her stuides became a ‘bridge between East and West’, i.e. between studies of Eastern, South-Eastern and Central Europe. Her life was short, but she left a very good heritage. It consists not only of her outstanding academic writings, but also her true and positive inspiration, which emanated from her and was shared between her family, friends and colleagues. The volume contains papers written by researchers from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, France and the United Kingdom.  


Volume of papers In search of the essence
Edited by M. E. Tkachuk и G. G. Atanasov
2019 year, 478 pages, ISBN: 978-9975-3343-2-7 e-ISBN: 978-9975-3343-1-0

Elsewhere, not in Moldova, Nikolai D. Russev would have been long ago recognized an outstanding contemporary, a kind of Jacques Le Goff from the Balkans, a kind of Nicolae Iorga from the Danube and Dniester, an active and cheerful chronicler, keeper and — in a certain sense — an eyewitness of the region’s five hundred years of history. The kind of history nobody else can tell here, unfortunately. The kind of history he is writing every day, having hardly anyone to tell it to. The historical activity is disappearing here. Storytellers are not wanted. No one is tempted by the lessons of the past. Mistakes are not learnt from, personalities are not respected. Moldova, this “borderland between worlds and times”, turns into an intellectual and human desert.


Antiquities. Studies. Issues

Volume of papers «Antiquities. Studies. Issues»
Edited by Vitalij Sinica and Roman Rabinovich
2018 year, 508 pages, ISBN: 978-9975-4269-9-2, E-ISBN: 978-9975-3198-1-2

This volume has been prepared quickly, smoothly and cheerfully. This is, perhaps, because it is dedicated to the 70th birthday anniversary of a person who is always cheerful himself, an archaeologist, zealous and lucky researcher, a radiant personality and a very kind man, as well as a wonderful colleague and true friend of all good people – Nicolai Telnov. 
His journey in science has been long and fruitful: from Belgorod to Bucovina, from the Crimea to the Carpathians; expeditions and field surveys, libraries and museums; with shovel and satchel; with fantastic patience and sensational results, with vast experience and rich knowledge ready to share with his colleagues and disciples. Telnov’s realm is Tripolye and Scythians, Dacians and Slavs, medieval nomads and the old letters of the sad Lay of Igor’s Warfare. His inquisitive mind knows no limits, and we will be more than glad if this volume can serve him and other readers as a trigger to follow the thorny path of science in search of new insights. 


Volume of papers «Saint-Petersburg Apocrypha. Epistle of Mark»
Editor-in-Charge: О.V. Sharov
2011 year, 588 pages, ISBN 978-9975-4079-3-9