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Stratum plus. 2012. №4

E. Shavarebi Moghaddam (Tehran, Iran)

Notes on dating of the Reliefs of Ardashir I

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Pages: 55-64

There are five remained reliefs from the reign of Ardashir I (224—240), the first Sasanian emperor, in Iran, which are located in four different sites: Naqsh-i Rajab, Naqsh-i Rostam, Tangab, and Salmas. In this article, the author will try to examine some problems in these reliefs’ dating, according to several methods, such as survеying the details of the clothes and headdresses, the styles of the personages’ hairs and beards, etc.

Keywords: Relief, Naqsh-i Rajab, Tangab, Salmas, Ardashir I

Information about author: 

Ehsan Shavarebi Moghaddam (Tehran, Iran). Department of Archaeology. University of Tehran.
E-mail: [email protected]

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