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VII International Conference in memoriam German Fyodorov-Davydov

Dialogue of Urban and Steppe Cultures in the Eurasian Space. Historical Geography of the Golden Horde. Proceedings of the VII International Scientific Conference in memoriam German Fyodorov-Davydov

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Dialogue of Urban and Steppe Cultures in the Eurasian Space. Historical Geography of the Golden Horde. Proceedings of the VII International Scientific Conference in memoriam German Fyodorov-Davydov

Edited by
Sergei Bocharov and Ayrat Sitdikov

The VII International Conference in memoriam
German Fyodorov-Davydov (November 8—12, Yalta, Crimea) will be attended by 95 researchers from 6 countries with reports covering the entire territory of the Mongol Empire from the Pacific Ocean to the Danube. The seven panels of the scientific forum — the Far East; Siberia and the Trans-Baikal area; Central Asia; the Middle Volga; the Lower Volga; North Caucasus and Transcaucasia; the Northern Black Sea area, and the Crimea — are based on the geographical principle, so as to clearly illustrate the extension of the Mongol Empire from East to West, as well as the diversity of archaeological studies of the Golden Horde.
The proposed publication is aimed at elucidating the issues related to the study of historical geography of the regions dominated by the Golden Horde and other states formed by the Mongols, and territories adjacent to them, as well as their role and place in the medieval world. An important role in the framework of this scientifi c publication is played by the materials associated with the multidisciplinary approach and scientific methods of archaeological research in order to determine major trade routes and commodity flows through the Golden Horde territory, the extent of home handicraft and agricultural products distribution, life support systems within the huge medieval cities, and involvement of the steppe nomadic sub culture in the processes mentioned above. In line with these objectives, materials on historical topography of separate archaeological sites in the territorial and chronological framework under study are offered for a scientific discussion.


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S. G. Bocharov (Simferopol, Crimea), A. G. Sitdikov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Foreword Free!21


N. G. Artemieva (Vladivostok, Russian Federation)The Palace Architecture of the Jurchen Towns in Primorye Free!25O. V. Diakova, V. V. Shevchenko (Vladivostok, Russian Federation)The Manchu-Tungus and the Daurs of the Amur area: An ethno-cultural borderland (according to fortification materials) Free!28N. A. Kluyev, I. V. Gridasova, M. A. Yakupov (Vladivostok, Russian Federation)New Discoveries in the Medieval Archaeology of Primorye: Koksharovka-1 Hillfort Free!31N. A. Kluyev, I. Yu. Sleptsov, A. L. Ivliev (Vladivostok, Russian Federation)Koksharovka-8 — a Unique Medieval Burial Complex in Primorye Free!35N. N. Kradin (Vladivostok, Russian Federation)On the Study of the Cities of the Mongol Empire in Mongolia and the Trans-Baikal Region Free!39


N. N. Kradin, S. E. Baksheeva (Vladivostok, Russian Federation), E. V. Kovychev (Chita, Russian Federation), A. V. Kharinskii (Irkutsk, Russian Federation)The Alestuy Homestead Site of the Mongol Period in the East Baikal Region Free!45I. L. Kyzlasov (Moscow, Russian Federation)Archaeological Features of Administrative Borders in Medieval South Siberia (after the works by L. R. Kyzlasov) Free!49P. O. Senotrusova, P. V. Mandryka (Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)The Yenisei Siberia Region as the Northern Periphery of the Mongol Empire Free!54S. F. Tataurov (Omsk, Russian Federation)The Turkic-Tatar Cities of Western Siberia in the 14th—16th Centuries in Archaeological and Historical Researches Free!58S. S. Tikhonov (Omsk, Russian Federation)The Collapse of the Siberian Khanate: the stages of the historical process in the north-eastern outskirts of the Tatar World Free!62A. V. Kharinskii (Irkutsk, Russian Federation), E. V. Kovychev (Chita, Russian Federation), N. N. Kradin (Vladivostok, Russian Federation)The Okoshki 1 Burial Mound Site in South-Eastern Transbaikalia and Some Aspects of the Mongol Identity in the 13th and 14th Centuries Free!65


A. A. Bissembaev (Aktobe, Kazakhstan)Western Kazakhstan in the 13th—14th Centuries Free!71A. A. Bissembaev (Aktobe, Kazakhstan), G. A. Akhatov (Almaty, Kazakhstan)Golden Horde Hillforts in Western Kazakhstan Free!74E. D. Zilivinskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation)Golden Horde Sites of Western Kazakhstan. New studies Free!77O.-Sh. Kdirniazob (Nukus, Uzbekistan)A Mosque and a Caravanserai from Puljay: Golden Horde Sites in Northern Karakalpakstan Free!81O.-Sh. Kdirniazob, M.-Sh. Kdirniazob (Nukus, Uzbekistan)Crimean and Golden Horde Parallels in the Culture of the Southern Aral Region Cities Free!84A. I. Torgoev (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation), V. A. Kolchenko (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), Ia. V. Frenkel (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Fire at Krasnaya Rechka Hillfort: Traces of the Mongol Invasion in Tian-Shan Region? Free!87M. K. Khabdulina (Astana, Kazakhstan)Early Muslim Burials in the Necropolis of Bozok Hillfort Free!94


Kh. M. Abdullin (Kazan, Russian Federation)Geography and Peculiarities of Hoards and Stray Finds of the Golden Horde and the Kazan Khanate Period in the Territory of Kazan Province in the Second Half of the 19th — Early 20th Centuries (after reports to the governors of Kazan) Free!99D. Yu. Badeev (Moscow, Russian Federation)The Dynamics of Medieval Bоlgar Urban Development Free!102D. Yu. Badeev (Moscow, Russian Federation), R. R. Valiev (Kazan, Russian Federation)The Homesteads of the Bulgar during the Golden Horde Period to the Southwest of the Cathedral Mosque Free!105V. S. Baranov (Kazan, Russian Federation)On the Problem of the Boundary between the Early and the Late Horizons of the Golden-Horde Stratum of the Bolgar Hillfort Free!108A. M. Gubaidullin (Kazan, Russian Federation)On the Defensive Structures of the Bolgar Hillfort in the Golden Horde Period Free!111I. L. Izmailov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Bolgar Ulus in the Second Half of the 13th to Mid-14th Centuries: an historical and archaeological analysis Free!113V. Yu. Koval, P. Ye. Rusakov (Moscow, Russian Federation)On Fortification of the Bolgar Hillfort in the 14th Century Free!118Dj. G. Muhametshin (Bolgar, Russian Federation)On the Problem of Great Bolgar Socio-Historical Topography in the 13th—15th Centuries Free!121I. Dj. Muhametshin (Bolgar, Russian Federation)Topography of Settlements in the Vicinity of the Golden-Horde Bolgar Free!124T. B. Nikitina (Kazan, Russian Federation), E. E. Vorobeva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)On the Historical Topography of Medieval Burial Complexes in the Volga Mari-Chuvash Region Free!127K. A. Rudenko (Kazan, Russian Federation).The Bolgar Ulus of the Golden Horde: Historical Geography Free!131A. G. Sitdikov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Historical Geography of the Middle Volga Region in the Second Half of 14th — First Half of 15th Centuries Free!135O. V. Stepanov (Kazan, Russian Federation)The Hoard of Juchid Coins (Second Quarter of the 15th Century) from Alexeyevsky District of Tatarstan: to the problem of the 15th-century Bolgar Ulus mints Free!141Z. G. Shakirov, F. Sh. Khuzin (Kazan, Russian Federation)Problems of Studies of the Golden-Horde Period Sites in the Territory of the Bilyar Hillfort Site and Its Environs Free!145


D. V. Vasiliev (Astrakhan, Russian Federation)The Volga Estuary in the 13th Century (based on the materials of the Samosdelka hillfort site and newly-found sites in the area) Free!153I. V. Volkov (Moscow, Russian Federation)Representation of the Volga Basin and the Caspian Sea on 14—16th-century European Maps Free!156Z. V. Dode (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation)On a Polovtsian Burial: Interpretations of Mercury Presence Free!161A. Yu. Zeleneev, Yu. A. Zeleneev (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation).The Mordvinians of the Lower Volga Region under the Golden Horde Free!164A. F. Kochkina (Samara, Russian Federation)On Spatial Organization Characteristics of the Settlement System in the Right-Bank Volga Samara Region During the Golden Horde Period Free!166D. A. Kubankin (Saratov, Russian Federation)To the Problem of Ukek Chronology and Sites in Its Environs Free!170I. Yu. Lapshina (Volgograd, Russian Federation)About the Border between the Mamai and the Volga Hordes Free!174I. V. Matyushko, L. A. Kraeva, L. V. Kuptsova (Orenburg, Russian Federation)Golden Horde Silver Dirhams on the Area of the Ural Steppe Free!177M. V. Moiseev (Moscow, Russian Federation)The Nogai Horde Western Boundaries. On the History of Nogai Relations with Astrakhan and the Crimea in the 16th Century Free!180L. F. Nedashkovsky, M. B. Shigapov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Topography and Development of Bagaevka Settlement Free!183E. M. Pigarev (Kazan, Russian Federation)The Estuary of the Volga River in the Golden Horde Period Free!187B. R. Rakhimzianov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Stratification of Political Actors of the Desht-i-Qipchaq in the Beginning of the Fifteenth Century: the Case of the Arrival of Tokhtamysh’s Sons to Muscovy Free!191R. Yu. Reva (Kazan, Russian Federation)On the Names of Some Towns along the Caravan Route from Khorezm to Saray in the Late 13th — Early 14th Century Free!195D. A. Stashenkov (Samara, Russian Federation)The Mordovian Kuzkinsky Burial Ground of the Late 13th — 14th Centuries: new materials about the population of the left-bank Volga Samara area in the Golden Horde era Free!201L. V. Yavorskaya, E. Ye. Antipina (Moscow, Russian Federation)The Geography and Peculiarities of the Life-Support System of the Golden Horde Towns (based upon archaeozoological data) Free!204


V. A. Babenko (Stavropol, Russian Federation)Localization of the Gashun-Usta Stow Complex (Stavropol Province, 1890) and Distinction of the Golden Horde Possessions in Central Ciscaucasia Free!211I. A. Druzhinina (Moscow, Russian Federation)Lower Trans-Kuban in the 13th—14th Centuries: on the border of cultures and natural zones Free!215Yu. V. Zelenskiy (Krasnodar, Russian Federation)Findings of Polovtsian Stone Sculptures as a Source for the Study of the Geography of Polovtsian Encampments in the Kuban Steppes Free!219V. P. Mokrushin, E. I. Narozhny, P. V. Sokov (Krasnodar, Russian Federation)On the Internal Topography of the 13th—15th-Century Settlement “Zheleznodorozhnoye-1” (Krymsk District, Krasnodar Krai): preliminary observations Free!221E. I. Narozhny (Krasnodar, Russian Federation)On Localization of the “Trekhstenny Gorodok” site on the Lower Terek: issues of 13th—17th-century historical geography Free!225E. I. Narozhny, P. V. Sokov (Krasnodar, Russian Federation)The Geography of 1222 Events in the North Caucasus Free!232L. M. Noskova (Moscow, Russian Federation)The Adygeyan Pottery of the Golden Horde Period from the Collections of the State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow) Free!238Yu. D. Obukhov (Praskoveya, Russian Federation)Madjar, a Сity of the Golden Horde, by Written, Cartographic and Visual Sources Free!242S. N. Savenko (Pyatigorsk, Russian Federation)Historical topography of the Lower and Upper Djulat cities in the Golden Horde time (aspects of historiography) Free!246E. L. Sosnina (Pyatigorsk, Russian Federation)French-speaking Travelers of the Past about the Golden Horde Sites in the Caucasus (Madjary Hillfort) Free!254


L. Bejenaru (Yassi, Romania), L. Bacumenco-Pîrnău (Kishinev, Moldova)Animals for Food in the Golden Horde City of Old Orhei (Republic of Moldova): Topography and Archaeozoological Data Free!259S. G. Bocharov (Simferopol, Crimea)The Historical Geography of the Genoese Gazaria 1275—1475 Free!263A. G. Gertsen, Yu. M. Mogarychev (Simferopol, Crimea)On Historical Topography of Qırq Yer: a delusory tomb of Hayder Khan Free!269A. G. Gertsen, V. E. Naumenko (Simferopol, Crimea)On the Golden Horde Period in the History of Mangup Settlement: the Formulation of a Scientific Problem Free!272S. V. Dyachkov (Kharkov, Ukraine)“New” Objects on the Topographic Map of the Genoese Fortress Cembalo, 14th—15th Centuries (by materials of the digs in 1999—2013) Free!275V. P. Kirilko (Simferopol, Crimea)The Crimean Context of Golden Horde Architecture in Scientific Works by Modern Researchers Free!279S. A. Kravchenko (Azov, Russian Federation)Topography of Azak Pottery Production Free!284E. E. Kravchenko (Donetsk, Украина)North-Eastern Azov Sea Region and Middle Reaches of the Seversky Donets River in the 13—14th Centuries (the impact of natural and geographical factors on the peopling of the territory) Free!287A. N. Maslovski (Azov, Russian Federation)The Topography of Burial Grounds of Golden Horde Azak and their Impact on the Urban Planning Free!290V. L. Mytz (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Symbolon — Cembalo — Balaklava: Toponymy Semantics and Peculiarities of the Medieval Town Topography Free!294M. V. Tcybin (Voronezh, Russian Federation)Some Questions of Historical Geography of the Middle Don Region in the Era of the Golden Horde Free!299V. N. Chkhaidze (Moscow, Russian Federation)The Military Organization of the Nomads of the Crimea in 12th—14th Centuries Free!302N. I. Yudin, A. P. Minaev (Azov, Russian Federation)New Data on the Historical Geography of the Golden Horde Settlements in the Lower Don and North-Eastern Azov Regions Free!305


AbbreviationsAbbreviations Free!307

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