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VII International Conference in memoriam German Fyodorov-Davydov

E. L. Sosnina (Pyatigorsk, Russian Federation)

French-speaking Travelers of the Past about the Golden Horde Sites in the Caucasus (Madjary Hillfort)

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Pages: 254-256

The article offers information about the Majar hillfort — the remains of the largest Golden Horde city in the North Caucasus, which is contained in the travel notes, letters, memoirs and other kind of records and drawings by foreign travelers of the 18th—19th centuries. They were: S. Turkay, an emigrant from Hungary; Ferrand, a French doctor; nobleman Aubrey de la Motret, a French traveler; Jan Potocky, researcher of the Caucasus, a descendant of the Polish magnates, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Adele Hommaire de Hell, a French writer and traveler, member of the French Geographical Society. These sources have not been translated into Russian and remain little known to researchers.

Keywords: North Caucasus, Golden Horde period, Madjary, written and visual sources, architecture

Information about author:

Ekaterina L. Sosnina.
Candidate of Historical Sciences. State Museum-Reserve M. Yu. Lermontov. Address: Lermontov St., 4, Pyatigorsk, 357501, Russian Federation 
E-mail: [email protected]

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