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VII International Conference in memoriam German Fyodorov-Davydov

M. V. Tcybin (Voronezh, Russian Federation)

Some Questions of Historical Geography of the Middle Don Region in the Era of the Golden Horde

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Pages: 299-301

Are characterized monuments of the Middle Don region in the the Golden Horde period. They relate to different groups of population: are settlements with Russian ceramics and nomadic graves, mausoleums, burial grounds and settlements. New data of anthropological researches are provided. Comparison of data of archeology and written sources is carried out.

Keywords: Middle Don region, Golden Horde, Russian settlements, nomadic burials, mausoleum

Information about author:

Mikhail V. Tcybin.
Candidate of Historical Sciences. Voronezh State University. Address: Universitetskaya Sq., 1, Voronezh, 394006, Russian Federation 
E-mail: [email protected]

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