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Glazed Pottery of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Region, 10th–18th Centuries

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Glazed Pottery of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Region, 10th–18th Centuries

Edited by
Sergei Bocharov, Véronique François, Ayrat Sitdikov

The second volume of this specialized continued collection of research papers “Glazed Pottery of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Region, 10
th – 18th Centuries” contains studies of mass archaeological materials — glazed pottery — from a vast region encompassing countries from the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Far East and Eurasian steppes, dated by the High and Late Middle Ages. The goal of this continued edition is to attract the attention of the medievalists to glazed pottery and, particularly, to introduce earlier unknown archaeological complexes with glazed pottery and results of various physical-chemical studies of ceramic clays and glazes for scientific discussion. The volume includes contributions from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan and is meant for specialists in history, archaeology, ceramic studies, ethnography, museum studies, history students and all those interested in medieval material culture.

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S. Bocharov (Kazan, Russian Federation), V. François (Aix-en-Provence, France), A. Sitdikov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Introduction Free!17


C. La Serra (Vibo Valentia, Italy)Polychrome Glazed Ware from St. Francis in Cosenza during Late Middle Ages. First data from new discoveries (Calabria, Italy) Free!21J. Coll Conesa (Valencia, Spain)Changing Tastes: from Lustreware to Polychrome Tiles. Exported Pottery from Valencia in Mediterranean Area and around (14th to 18th cc.) Free!31V. Verrocchio (Pescara, Italy)Castelli (Italy) Maiolica in the Eastern Adriatic between 16th and 17th Centuries. Current Knowledge and Research Perspectives Free!51


E. F. Athanassopoulos (Lincoln, NE, USA)Medieval Glazed Pottery: Archaeological Evidence from Rural Greece Free!71A. Ç. Türker (Çanakkale, Turkey)A Byzantine Settlement on the Kalabaklı Valley in the Hellespont: Yağcılar Free!91L. Doğer (İzmir, Turkey), M. E. Armağan (Uşak, Turkey)Byzantine Glazed Pottery Finds from Aigai (Aiolis) Excavations Free!107A. G. Yangaki (Athens, Greece)Immured Vessels in the Church of Panagia Eleousa, Kitharida, Crete Free!135M. Öztaşkın (Pamukkale, Turkey)Byzantine and Turkish Glazed Pottery Finds from Aphrodisias Free!165I. Shaddoud (Aix-en-Provence, France)Pots for Medical Uses in the Arab World (8th—15th centuries): a possible reconstruction of the uses thanks to the cross disciplinary comparison of sources Free!189V. Bikić (Belgrade, Serbia)Ottoman Glazed Pottery Standardisation: The Belgrade Fortress Evidence for Production Trends Free!207V. François (Aix-en-Provence, France)Circulation of Potters or Models? Damascus Pottery Production in the Style of Iznik Ware Free!217G. Homsy-Gottwalles (Beirut, Lebanon)Post-Medieval Beirut. Case Study: the Pottery Free!245


P. Georgiev (Shumen, Bulgaria)A Collection of White Clay Pottery from the Middle of the 10th Century in the Monastery at the Village of Ravna (North-Eastern Bulgaria) Free!259C. Paraschiv-Talmaţchi (Constanţa, Romania)Early Medieval Glazed Ceramics Discovered in the Fortifications from Hârşova and Oltina (South-Eastern Romania) Free!271B. Borisov (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)Glazed Wares from the Medieval Settlement near Polski Gradets, Radnevo Region (Southern Bulgaria) Free!287M. Manolova-Vojkova (Varna, Bulgaria)Import of Byzantine Sgraffito Pottery in the Medieval Towns of Bulgarian Black Sea Coast Free!317K. Chakarov (Pavlikeni, Bulgaria), D. Rabovyanov (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)Stone-Paste Ceramics from Tarnovgrad — the Capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom Free!327I. A. Kozyr (Kropivnyts’kyj, Ukraine), T. D. Borovyk (Kiev, Ukraine)Torhovytsia Archaeological Complex Glazed Ceramics of the Golden Horde Period Free!335M. V. Elnikov, I. R. Tihomolova (Zaporozhye, Ukraine)Relief Decoration Ceramics from the Bolshie Kuchugury Hillfort Free!353M. V. Elnikov (Zaporozhye, Ukraine)Architectural Qashan Ceramics from Konskie Vody Hillfort Free!363I. B. Teslenko (Kiev, Ukraine)Pottery Assemblage from the Excavation of a Household of the Golden Horde period on the Territory of the Medieval Settlement in Alushta (Crimea) Free!387S. G. Bocharov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Possidima Settlement in South-Eastern Crimea and Its Pottery Complex (edge 13th — 14th centuries) Free!409M. V. Dmitrienko (Azov, Russian Federation)Glazed Bowls with Images of Feline Predators from the Digs on the Golden Horde City of Azak Free!447A. N. Maslovskiy (Azov, Russian Federation)East Crimean Imported Glazed Ceramics in Azak, a Golden Horde City. Questions of Chronology Free!455N. I. Iudin (Azov, Russian Federation)Qashan Bowls from Excavations in the Centre of the Golden Horde City of Azak Free!491E. A. Armarchuk (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. V. Dmitriev (Krasnodar, Russian Federation)Glazed Ware of the 13th — 14th Centuries from the North-Eastern Black Sea Region Free!499E. I. Narozhny (Armavir, Russian Federation)About the Finds of Glazed Pottery of 13th —14th Centuries on the Territory of the Northern Caucasus Free!513S. A. Kravchenko (Azov, Russian Federation)Ceremonial Ceramics from the Excavations in Azak Free!539S. A. Belyaeva, E. E. Fialko (Kiev, Ukraine)Iznik Pottery of the End of 15th — 16th Centuries from the Excavation of the Lower Yard of the Akkerman Fortress Free!561I. R. Gusach (Azov, Russian Federation)Asia Minor Glazed Ceramics of the 15th—18th Century found on the Excavated Turkish Fortress of Azak Free!581


K. A. Lavysh (Minsk, Belarus)Oriental and Byzantine Glazed Pottery in Medieval Towns on the Territory of Belarus Free!603S. I. Valiulina (Kazan, Russian Federation)Middle Eastern Glazed Ceramics of the Turn of the 10th—11th Centuries and the 11th Century from Middle Volga Region Sites Free!625T. M. Dostiyev (Baku, Azerbaijan)Glazed Ceramics of Medieval Shamkir City Free!639K. A. Rudenko (Kazan, Russian Federation)Medieval Ceramics from the National Museum of Tatarstan (preliminary communication) Free!675L. F. Nedashkovsky, M. B. Shigapov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Glazed Pottery from the Golden Horde Settlements of the Ukek Region Free!701E. M. Pigarev (Kazan, Russian Federation)Glazed Pottery of the Krasny Yar Hillfort Free!713V. L. Egorov (Moscow, Russian Federation), E. M. Pigarev (Kazan, Russian Federation)Production of Pseudo-Celadon in Saray, a Golden Horde Capital Free!717V. Yu. Koval (Moscow, Russian Federation)Glazes of Black Sea Region Medieval Tableware Majolica: chemical composition according to spectral analysis Free!725V. Yu. Koval (Moscow, Russian Federation)Imported Glazed Ceramics of cthe Moscow Kremlin (from 2007 year excavations) Free!739


G. Guionova, M. Bouquet (Aix-en-Provence, France)Ishkornaya: the use of vegetal soda plant in ceramic coverings (Paykend, Bukhara oasis, 9th—19th centuries) Free!767E. F. Gyul (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)Glazed Ceramics of Uzbekistan: Stages of Development Free!779O.-Sh. Kdirniazob (Nukus, Uzbekistan)Glazed Ceramics of Mizdakhkan Free!795M.-Sh. Kdirniazob (Nukus, Uzbekistan)Qashan Ceramics of Khwarezm Free!813F. S. Tataurov (Omsk, Russian Federation)Chinese Porcelain from Russian Sites of the Middle Irtysh in 17th — First Half of the 18th Centuries Free!835


List of AbbreviationsList Free!843

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