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collection of articles in series "AREE"

C. La Serra (Vibo Valentia, Italy)

Polychrome Glazed Ware from St. Francis in Cosenza during Late Middle Ages. First data from new discoveries (Calabria, Italy)

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Pages: 21-29

Thas article is in Italian
The paper presented focuses on a small percentage of ceramics, polychrome glazed ware, from the Middle Ages coming from the excavations at the monastery of St. Francis of Assisi, in Cosenza (Calabria, Italy). It concerned unpublished data on a medieval context, almost unknown that enrich the regional panorama on circulation and production of these artifacts. The quantified materials come from modern stratigraphy, so it is not possible any reflection on every kind of chronological evolution of the typology. However, the autopsy study of the mixtures, the description of shapes and decorations enhances the current knowledge on the subject and in any event allows the first important reflections of a medieval city like Cosenza, that seems to project more toward markets Puglia and Campania, with also the presence of Islamic imported ceramics.

Keywords: Italy, Cosenza, Calabria, Middle Ages, polychrome glazed ware, medieval monastery

Information about author:

Cristiana La Serra
(Vibo Valentia, Italy). Doctor Europeus. University of Siena
E-mail: [email protected]

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