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collection of articles in series "AREE"

E. F. Gyul (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Glazed Ceramics of Uzbekistan: Stages of Development

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Pages: 779-793

This article is in Russian
The article offers an analysis of main stages in development of glazed ceramics of Uzbekistan: Samanid, Karakhanid and Timurid periods, the period of the late medieval Uzbek Khanates and the modern period. The author characterizes local ceramic schools and centers and reveals traditional elements in development of pottery. She discusses reasons behind the spread of glazed ceramics during the first centuries of Islam. Its further specific development is explained within the context of socialhistorical development of the region.
The ceramic industry of Uzbekistan is shown as a vibrant and dynamic process, which has maintained sustainable archetypical features through time. These include: conventional pattern, contrast colors, basic repertory of decoration: floral motifs, stylized images of animals and birds, simplistic geometric ornamentation.

Keywords: Uzbekistan, Afrasiab, Timurids, Late Medieval Uzbek Khanates, ceramic vessels, potash, Qashan, ‘chinni’ ceramics, decoration, coloring

Information about author:

Elmira Gyul
 (Tashkent, Uzbekistan). Doctor of Arts. Fine Arts Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. Mustaqillik Sq., 2, Tashkent, 100029, Uzbekistan
E-mail: [email protected]

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