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M. V. Dmitrienko (Azov, Russian Federation)

Glazed Bowls with Images of Feline Predators from the Digs on the Golden Horde City of Azak

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Pages: 447-453

This article is in Russian
The author examines finds of glazed bowls with images of lion and leopards from the digs on the Golden Horde City of Azak. Similar bowls, usually small and ornamented in reserved and sgraffito technique, are widely spread mainly in the Balkans and the Crimea and are dated by the second half of the fourteenth century. The article contains detailed description of the finds from Azak and determines its production centers: Byzantium in four cases (Constantinople or its environs) and South-Eastern Crimea (possibly Caffa, which produced imitations of Byzantine items) for the other two.

Keywords: Azak, Golden Horde time, glazed bowls, ornament, images of feline predators, production centers

Information about author:

Marina Dmitrienko
(Azov, Russian Federation). Azov History, Archaeology and Palaeonto logy Museum-Reserve. Moskovskaya St., 38/40, Azov, 346780, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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