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collection of articles in series «Archaeological records of Eastern Europe»

The Genoese Gazaria and the Golden Horde

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The Genoese Gazaria and the Golden Horde

Edited by
Sergei Bocharov and Ayrat Sitdikov

We hope our volume will be seen as the first step towards an overarching summarized work on history and archaeology of South-Eastern Europe in 13th—14th cc. in view of the now available sources. It contains articles prepared by nineteen researchers from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan on history and archaeology of Byzantium, the Golden Horde and the Genoese Gazaria in 13th—15th cc. and their successors in 16th—18th cc.
The present volume is an attempt to address three major objectives of the historical study of Byzantium, the Genoese Gazaria and the Golden Horde. Number one: a vast territorial coverage of the articles in the historical-topographic block enables us to find specific functions of the Golden Horde as such and its local provinces, while putting them in a broad historiographic context. The second objective addressed in this volume is about showing new approaches to historical subjects and sources on history of Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages. The third objective is to demonstrate how different types of sources can be integrated into research of extensive historical problems.
We hope that the suggested format and topics of this volume will be useful to our colleagues and enjoy their approval. We also hope to make it a serial publication. >>>

711 p., 52,4Mb



S. G. Bocharov (Simferopol, Crimea), A. G. Sitdikov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Introduction Free!15


N. D. Russev (Kishinev, Moldova)Two Variants of the Urban History of Medieval Black Sea Region — Belgorod and Oleshye Free!19A. G. Emanov (Tyumen, Russian Federation)G. Catalano of Soldaia of the First Quarter of 15th Century: an Epigraphic Exercise Free!39S. G. Bocharov (Simferopol, Crimea)Kaliera, a Genoese Castle Free!47V. L. Myts (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)Timur’s Crimean Campaign in 1395: a Historiographic Confusion, or Archaeology against Historiographic Tradition Free!99I. B. Teslenko (Simferopol, Crimea)Pithoi from Archeological Complexes of the 14th—15th Centuries in the Crimea Free!125


O. V. Kuznetsova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)Glazed Ceramics of Saraichik Hillfort Free!167E. M. Pigarev (Astrakhan, Russian Federation)Golden Horde Sites on the Territory of Astrakhan Region Free!181L. V. Yavorskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation)Urbanization Processes and Meat Consumption Trends in Medieval Towns in the Volga Area (by archaeozoological materials) Free!197O. A. Ilyina (Kamyshin, Russian Federation)Problems of Historical Topography and Chronology of the Golden Horde Towns on the Right Bank of Lower Volga Free!207D. A. Kubankin (Saratov, Russian Federation)Historical Topography of Uvek Hillfort Free!243K. A. Rudenko (Kazan, Russian Federation)Sites of Golden Horde Time in the Middle Volga Region (Bulgar Ulus of the Golden Horde) Free!255A. G. Sitdikov (Kazan, Russian Federation)Kazan during Golden Horde Epoch Free!365A. Yu. Zeleneev (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)Distribution of Mordvins: Their Ethnic and Political History in the 13 th — 15 th Centuries Free!377A. N. Maslovskiy (Azov, Russian Federation)Notes on the Topography of the Golden Horde Town of Azak Free!383E. E. Kravchenko (Donetsk, Ukraine)Sites of Golden Horde Time in Steppes between the Dnieper and the Don Free!411M. V. Elnikov (Zaporizhzhe, Ukraine)Monuments of the Golden Horde Period in the Lower Dnieper Region Free!479V. P. Kirilko (Simferopol, Crimea)Periodisation of Construction of the So Called Uzbek Mosque from Stary Krym Free!509G. S. Boguslavskiy (Odessa, Ukraine)Jochi’s Ulus Time in the North-Western Pontic Area and the City of Akja Kerman Free!559


I. V. Volkov (Moscow, Russian Federation)Two Gravestones from the National Museum Reserve of Tauric Chersonesos Free!573I. V. Volkov (Moscow, Russian Federation)Turkish Map of the Black and Azov Seas from the State Historical Museum Free!577


I. V. Volkov (Moscow, Russian Federation)Giosafat Barbaro’s Travel to Persia in 1473—1478 (text, translation, comments) Free!605


List of AbbreviationsList Free!693

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