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collection of articles in series «Archaeological records of Eastern Europe»

O. V. Kuznetsova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Glazed Ceramics of Saraichik Hillfort

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Pages: 167-179

The author introduces glazed pottery found at Saraichik (a Golden Horde Hillfort) and classifies it according to a typology proposed by N. M. Bulatov and G. A. Fedorov-Davydov. Thus, the glazed pottery found at Saraichik is divided into redware and Kashan types.
The redware ceramics is further distinguished by the color of glazing: there are vessels with transparent glazing of green, yellow and brown colors, as well as with colorless glazing, and is represented by bowls, plates, jugs, albarello and tubeks. By type of ornament, there are vessels with glazed-over engravings, glazed-over paintings, or a combination of both, as well as pottery with glazed-over stamped ornament on sgraffito.
The Kashan ceramics of Saraichik is divided into two groups: with transparent and non-transparent glazing, further divided into subgroups by the color of glazing and method of ornamentation. The Kashan ceramics with colorless glazing and transparent turquoise or ultra-marine glazing was ornamented by glazed-over polychromic painting with glazed-over relief, or painting without relief, while stamped ornament under turquoise glazing is not very common. There are finds of so called ‘Timurid’ ceramics with a specific complex ornament. Besides, there is also ceramics with polychromic painting over ultra-marine glaze (Lajvardina) and ceramics with enamels over white opaque glazing (Minai).
Ongoing field research at Saraichik keeps yielding new ceramic artefacts, which demand further detailed and careful studies.

Keywords: Saraichik Hillfort, Golden Horde pottery, glazed ceramics, Kashan pottery, ornament, classification.

Information about author:

Olga Kuznetsova
(Almaty, Kazakhstan). A. Kh. Margulan Institute of Archaeology, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Dostyk Av., 44, Almaty, 050100, Kazakhstan
E-mail: [email protected]

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