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collection of articles in series «Archaeological records of Eastern Europe»

I. V. Volkov (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Two Gravestones from the National Museum Reserve of Tauric Chersonesos

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Pages: 573-576

The author publishes two gravestones of the Golden Horde and Ottoman period from the Museum Reserve of Tauric Chersonesos. Their origin is unknown. The inscription on the first gravestone is made in the Tartar language and contains the date of 818 AH (1415/1416). This epigraphic artefact is another example of gradual transition from the Arabic to the Tartar language in epitaphs in 15 th c. The second inscription in the Ottoman Turkish language contains the name of the dead and the date of 1180 AH (1766/1767).

Keywords: Crimea, Tauric Chersonesos, Golden Horde period, gravestones, Arabic inscriptions, epitaph, epigraphy

Information about author:

Igor Volkov (Moscow, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage named after Dmitry Likhachev. Kosmonavtov St., 2, Moscow, 129301, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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