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collection of articles in series «Archaeological records of Eastern Europe»

A. Yu. Zeleneev (Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation)

Distribution of Mordvins: Their Ethnic and Political History in the 13 th — 15 th Centuries

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Pages: 377-382

The article presents peculiarities of the ethnic and political development of Mordvins in the Golden Horde period. In the pre — Golden Horde time, the Mordvins divided into two smaller ethnic groups, Erzya and Moksha. After the Mongol invasion (1240), Moksha lands became part of the Golden Horde, and Erzya lands were divided by Russian knyazes from Vladimir and Murom. A part of Erzya lands were also located on the very border of the Golden Horde. Such division contributed to further separation of the two ethnic groups. Starting from 1430—1440 s, after the fall of Jochi’s Ulus and up to 1552, the lands of the Mordvins became subject of continuous struggle between Kazan khanate and Moscow principality. Thus, Mordvins still remained in the composition of two separate states. Nevertheless, it is possible that a certain part of the Mordvin population was independent at that time.

Keywords: Middle Volga region, 13th—15th centuries, Mordvins, Erzya, Moksha, Mongol invasion, Golden Horde period, ethnic history, political history.

Information about author:

Aleksej Zeleneev
(Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation). Mari State University. Lenin Square, 1, Yoshkar-Ola, 424000, Russian Federation.
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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