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collection of articles in series «Archaeological records of Eastern Europe»

O. A. Ilyina (Kamyshin, Russian Federation)

Problems of Historical Topography and Chronology of the Golden Horde Towns on the Right Bank of Lower Volga

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Pages: 207-241

The article represents an analysis of the Golden Horde sites situated on the right bank of Lower Volga, which have been large urban settlements in the Middle Ages: Uvekskoe, Vodyanskoe, Mechetnoe fortified settlements, Ternovskoe fortified and open settlements. At the present time these settlements are completely or considerably destroyed, which makes us turn mainly to the research materials from the 19th — early 20th century. Basing on the analysis and correlation of archaeological, numismatic and written sources and urban planning, the author presents the topography of the settlements, main archaeological complexes (fortifications, living and household facilities, burials) and determines the time period and stages in development of these localities.

Keywords: Lower Volga region, Golden Horde towns, topography, fortification, chronology, history of research

Information about author:

Olga Ilyina
(Kamyshin, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Kamyshin Technological Institute, Branch of the Volgograd Technological University. Lenin St., 6A, Kamyshin, 403870, Russian Federation.
E-mail: [email protected]

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