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Essays in honour of Igor Manzura on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Interactions, Changes and Meanings

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Interactions, Changes and Meanings

Edited by
Stanislav Ţerna and Blagoje Govedarica

This volume is dedicated to the 60th birthday anniversary of Igor Vasilyevich Manzura, leading Moldovan archaeologist and specialist in prehistory of South-Eastern Europe, Professor of the High Anthropological School University, member correspondent of the German Archaeological Institute, grantee of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany) and IREX (USA). The articles in this volume cover a wide range of topics to match Igor Manzura's scientific interests — from Neolithic, Eneolithic and Bronze Age of our region to archaeological theory and anthropology. This publication is meant for archaeologists, anthropologists, historians of culture, students and wider circles of readers. 


doctor habilitat of history N. Russev
doctor of history R. Rabinovichi

600 p., 39,3Mb



TabulaTabula Gratulatoria Free!9S. Ţerna, B. GovedaricaIntroduction Free!11S. ŢernaList of published works by Igor Manzura Free!15PhotosAlbum of Photos Free!19


P. Biagi (Venice, Italy), E. Starnini (Turin, Italy)The Origin and Spread of the Late Mesolithic Blade and Trapeze Industries in Europe: Reconsidering J. G. D. Clark’s Hypothesis Fifty Years After. Free!33T. Saile (Regensburg, Germany), S. Ţerna (Kishinev, Moldova), M. Dębiec, M. Posselt (Regensburg, Germany)On the Interpretation of Dwelling Complexes from the Eastern Linear Pottery Cultural Area: new materials from field investigations from the Republic of Moldova Free!47S. Kadrow, A. Rauba-Bukowska (Kraków, Poland)Ceramics Technology and Transfer of Ideas in the West Carpathian Region in Neolithic Free!65C.-E. Ursu (Suceava, Romania)Precucuteni — a culture or a chronological horizon? Free!73B. Govedarica (Berlin, Germany)Conflict or Coexistence: Steppe and Agricultural Societies in the Early Copper Age of the Northwest Black Sea Area Free!81D. V. Kiosak, L. V. Subbotin (Odessa, Ukraine)On the Blade Detachment Technique in the Bolgrad Variant of Gumelnita Culture Free!93S. Hansen (Berlin, Germany)Innovationen und Wissenstransfer in der frühen Metallurgie des westlichen Eurasiens Free!107I. V. Bruyako (Odessa, Ukraine)The Natural Landscape of the Settlement of Kartal in the Eneolithic Epoch Free!121E. Kaiser (Berlin, Germany)Die ältesten Grabhügel in Ost- und Südosteuropa Free!133Yu. Rassamakin (Kiev, Ukraine)An Unique Eneolithic Cemetery on the Island Khor tytsia in the Dnieper Rapids Area (Ukraine): preliminary results of investigations Free!145V. Nikolov (Sofia, Bulgaria)The Chalcolithic Stone Fortress of Provadia-Solnitsata Free!169N. B. Burdo, M. Yu. Videiko (Kiev, Ukraine)“Buried Houses” and Cucuteni-Trypillia Settlements Incineration Ritual Free!175R. Hofmann (Kiel, Germany), A. Diachenko (Kiev, Ukraine), J. Müller (Kiel, Germany)Demographic Trends and Socio-economic Dynamics: Some Issues of Correlation Free!193S. N. Korenevskiy (Moscow, Russian Federation)Оn Beakers and Amphora Type Vessels of the Maykop-Novosvobodnaya Community and the Problem of their Analogies in the West Free!199V. M. Bikbaev (Kishinev, Moldova)Painted Amphora with Scenes of Ritual Dances from a Late Tripolian Settlement at Chirileni (Sângerei, Moldova) Free!227O. Leviţki, Gh. Sîrbu (Kishinev, Moldova), I. Bajureanu (Trinca, Moldova)Microzona Trinca în contextul eneoliticului est-carpatic Free!255S. V. Ivanova (Odessa, Ukraine)Barrows vs Settlements: Herdsmen vs Farmers Free!273L. S. Klejn (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)The Problem of Archaeological Identification of Tocharians Free!293S. D. Lysenko (Kiev, Ukraine), S. N. Razumov (Tiraspol, Moldova), S. S. Lysenko (Kiev, Ukraine), V. S. Sinika (Tiraspol, Moldova)New Finds of the Bronze Age Metal Items near Ternovka Village on the Left Bank of the Lower Dniester Free!321E. Schalk (Berlin, Germany)Die Doppelaxt aus der Toumba Agios Mamas, Prähistorischem Olynth Free!329V. A. Dergaciov, E. N. Sava (Kishinev, Moldova)Investigations of Barrows near Taraclia Township in 1979 Free!335M. E. Tkachuk, D. A. Topal, E. Yu. Zverev (Kishinev, Moldova)Archaeological Field Surveys near Palanka Village: a New Classical Settlement on the Lower Dniester Free!367S. V. Kuzminykh (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. N. Usachuk (Donetsk, Ukraine)“My dear friend Michail Markovich!” (Helsinki collection of the letters written by N. E. Makarenko to A. M. Talgren) Free!379L. Nikolova (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)Theory in Prehistory and Prehistory in Theory (Filling the Gaps) Free!429A. I. Behr-Glinka (Moscow, Russian Federation)Serpent as a Bride and an Intimate Partner of a Man. Once more about the semantics of serpent in European folklore Free!435A. A. Romanchuk (Kishinev, Moldova)The East-Eurasian Hypothesis of Dene-Caucasian Motherland in the Light of Genogeographical Data: a Brief Synthesis Free!577


ListList of abbreviations Free!599

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