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Stratum plus. 2021. No5

M. V. Kublii (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Exploration of the Condition of Animal Husbandry in Kyivan Rus Based on Materials of Excavations of the site Igren-8

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Pages: 231-238

1733 bone fragments were excavated at the Rus layer of the archeological site Igren-8 placed near the Samara river falling into the Dnipro river in 2018. 1103 fossils were identified by their anatomical and species affiliation. Such sample is considered to be statistically sufficient to characterize the condition of animal husbandry in the settlement. Zoological material characteristics show that the cattle made up the absolute majority of the meat production consumed by the settlers. Hunting was paid insignificant attention. The cows take the first place according to the number of the found fossils (581 bone fragments). The small cattle take the second place (387 bone fragments). The swine take the third place (78 bone fragments). The fourth and the fifth places are taken by the horse (8 bone fragments) and the dog (3 bone fragments) accordingly. The elk, deer, hare, wolf, beaver and ferret fossils were identified too, with 46 bone fragments. The sex and age characteristics of the cattle suggest milk cattle breeding. The small cattle were bred for milk and wool both. The age of the killed animals and their teeth condition denotes the sufficient feed base at the site. The height of the cows at the withers ranges from 109 cm to 122.7 cm. The height of the sheep at the withers ranges from 58.6 cm to 65.9 cm. The height of the horse was 138.8 cm; also it was medium-legged according to the leg thickness.

Keywords: Rus, archaeozoology, osteology, animal husbandry, animal bones, Igren-8

Information about author:

Mykhailo Kublii
(Kyiv, Ukraine). National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Skovoroda St., 2, Kyiv, 04655, Ukraine.
E-mail: [email protected]

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