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Stratum plus. 2021. No5

A. A. Romanchuk (Kishinev, Moldova)

The Limits of Constructivism: a Comment to the “Slavs in the Making” of F. Curta

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Pages: 435-444

The article critically considers the renewed version of F. Curta’s “Making of Slavs” hypothesis. The author tried to demonstrate that the theoretical grounds of the discussed hypothesis and its argumentation cause serious objections. F. Curta’s hypothesis still does not appear more convincing, even in its new version. However, his text is read with interest and also awakens the thought and imagination of the readers.

Keywords: the origin of Slavs, archaeology, linguistics, F. Curta’s hypothesis

Information about author:

Aleksey Romanchuk
(Kishinev, Moldova). Master of Anthropology. Institute of Cultural Heritage of Academy of Sciences of Moldova.  Stefan cel Mare Bd., 1, Kishinev, MD-2001, Moldova.
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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